Do You Need to Invest in Other Supplies for Your Piano Lessons?

Piano lessons in Brea have corresponding costs. The price for the piano lesson itself will depend on the length of practice and the instructor. Doris Chiang offers reasonable rates for her comprehensive piano lessons. If you wish to know more about the cost, please give us a call.  What Other Supplies Do You Need for…

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Do Piano Lessons Include Learning How to Perfect Your Posture on Piano?

Piano Lessons Newport Beach

Piano lessons in Newport Beach include a lot of things. Doris Chiang, the well-renowned piano teacher will also teach you how to improve your piano posture. It is not the focus of the lesson, though. However, if she notices you’re slouching while playing, she’ll correct it.  The Importance of Posture in Piano Lessons in Newport…

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Are Piano Lessons in Costa Mesa Ideal for Moms?

Everyone loves music, whether it’s pop, rock, or classical. Unfortunately, not everyone finds music lessons entertaining. Even though your siblings are classically trained, you might not have the enthusiasm to undergo rigorous training. But now that you’re a mom, you’re thinking of attending piano lessons in Costa Mesa. Is it a good idea?  Can Moms…

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Ways to Make Piano Lessons an Enjoyable Experience

piano lessons in Irvine

Piano lessons in Irvine are useful so you can finally play your favorite musical piece beautifully. Playing the piano is a skill. And to develop such skill, you need to attend the lessons regularly and practice every day. They are the only way to help you develop such skills. How to Ensure Piano Lessons in…

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How to Take Piano Lessons at Home and Practice While Traveling?

piano lessons Yorba Linda

Piano lessons in Yorba Linda are no longer limited to having the lessons in a piano studio. With the ongoing pandemic, all piano lessons of Doris Chiang are now held online. This isn’t new, though. Even before the pandemic started, some piano lessons are conducted online. It makes it easier for those who can’t travel…

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What is a Good Price for Piano Lessons in Newport Beach?

piano lessons in Newport Beach

You’ve probably watched a dozen of piano-related videos online during the lockdown. Now, you’re more motivated to sign up for piano lessons in Newport Beach. But you might wonder whether or not you can afford the lessons. You might have requested quotes from various piano teachers. But what is a good price point for these…

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Why Do You Need a Piano Teacher for Your Piano Lessons?

piano lessons Costa Mesa

We’re living in an era where we can access information at our fingertips. If you want to learn how to play the piano, you can have excellent online resources for learning the piano. And these resources don’t require hiring a piano teacher. Although it’s possible to learn this musical instrument without a teacher, piano lessons…

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Is It Possible to Learn Piano Just by Watching YouTube Videos?

piano lessons in Brea

It is possible to learn piano by watching YouTube videos. However, nothing can beat the piano lessons in Brea by Doris Chiang. The best way to learn piano is from an experienced instructor, like Doris Chiang. However, some students prefer to learn on their own. There’s nothing wrong with it. Learning on your own can help you…

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