Ways to Make Piano Lessons an Enjoyable Experience

piano lessons in Irvine

Piano lessons in Irvine are useful so you can finally play your favorite musical piece beautifully. Playing the piano is a skill. And to develop such skill, you need to attend the lessons regularly and practice every day. They are the only way to help you develop such skills.

How to Ensure Piano Lessons in Irvine Will Make You a Skillful Pianist?

No matter who your piano teacher is, if you don’t practice every day, you can’t become a pianist. However, piano lessons can be boring if you are not really into them. That’s why it’s important to develop an enjoyable habit that can make piano lessons an enjoyable experience.

Pick a Time to Practice

You can change your schedule at any time. However, you’ll make piano lessons enjoyable if you’re consistent with your practice. You should consider picking a general time reserved for practice. It can be first thing in the morning or before going to bed. However, practicing early in the morning will probably make you learn to play the piano a lot easier. But you need to consider how long you practice each day.

And according to this post, “a thoughtful, focused practice session is more effective. The brain can retain more information in this state compared to a mindless, unorganized practice session. Thoughtful practice requires deep concentration so creativity can flow with ease. This doesn’t come easy when we lack energy.”

Commit to Practicing at Least 5 Hours a Week

In addition to the time of day to practice, it’s also vital to consider how long you practice. A decent baseline is 5 hours. However, the number can be different for everyone. You can do an hour on some days or 30 minutes on other days. But you can do it in just 30 minutes every morning if this works for you. The most important thing is to practice at least 5 hours a week.

Listen to a Weekly Program Related to Piano Music

Good thing these days is that you can find podcast or radio programs focused on classical music or piano lessons. Keep in mind that learning how to play the piano is like learning a new language. If you wish to be successful, you need to learn with others. By always exposing yourself to new music, you’re telling your brain that music is a priority in your life. This is also a great way for you to motivate yourself.

piano lessons in Irvine

Go to a Live Piano Performance Every Month

With the ongoing pandemic, you might find it difficult to attend a live piano performance. Thankfully, there are online live events that you can attend right at the comfort of your home. Some of these events are free while others come with fees. It’s up to you to decide.

When you develop these habits, it’ll be easier for you to follow the piano lessons in Irvine provided by Doris Chiang. If you wish to further hone your piano skills make sure to attend Doris’ piano lessons regularly. To enroll in one of her lessons, contact us here: (562) 537-7548.