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"Finding the perfect match for my son has been a journey. We knew he had talent and that he enjoyed playing the piano. However, we had two not-so-good experiences in local studios and an academy that lead him to dread playing and in the first slack completely. He had lost all interest in the instrument. We were all frustrated but we didn't want to give up. We didn't want another "academy", we wanted a caring professional, and after researching credentials and reviews we found Dr Chiang. It has been about 5 months and let me tell you, it has been a total turn around. He is progressing and playing beautifully. Dr Chiang is a professional but that is not her biggest credential, the truth is SHE CARES, and is a gifted teacher. She loves her trade and it shows. I can't say enough and I can actually now say for certain that my son will play for a lifetime! Thank you, Dr Chiang, we are grateful to have you."

Diana V.


"Doris Chiang is a high-level piano teacher with a rare ability to effectively communicate and connect with her students. Her unique approach renders visible results. After only a couple of months, I have seen a lot of improvement in my both son's technique and his dynamics. In addition, she accurately evaluates each student's ability so that they play pieces that will further develop them as a pianist. I highly recommend Doris as a piano instructor."

M D.


"You will not find a better piano teacher than Dr Doris. She has a passion for music and a passion to share this love of music with her students. Under her teaching, my son's piano playing ability has increased fourfold. I can really tell the difference in the way he plays with so much more feeling. Dr Doris commits 110 per cent to help her students achieve more success in their music. For example, she holds many workshops even on her days off so students can practice playing for an exam or recital. She shows so much dedication to her students and this reflects her passion for music."

Caroline J.


"As an adult piano student, I approached my first lesson with fear and hesitation. Dr. Chiang helped me overcome my anxiety and has continued to push me towards a positive “I really can do this” attitude. She is patient and understanding and now I can play pieces I thought were forever beyond my abilities."

Levonne N.


"As an adult learning a new instrument and taking piano lessons for the first time, I was uncertain how much could be learned at my age. Doris is a very gifted teacher who has a sort of sixth sense in giving the kind of direction that will push a student forward. She is very versatile in her teaching with the ability to change her approach due to what she see’s necessary for progression. Her passion and knowledge of music in every lesson is motivating and inspiring. No matter what your age or background there is much to learn from her and I feel very enriched to have her as a teacher."

Nancy M.


"Although we have only been with Dr. Chiang for 6 months, I have seen a great different in our kids’ improvement. The important thing is they love having her. "

Mrs. N on behalf of Wesley

Chino Hills

"You are a great teacher because you teach me how to count! You also teach me how to do major and minor scales. That is why you are a great teacher. "

Khiet H.

Buena Park

"Dr. Chiang is very nice and patient. She is a good piano teacher. I love having her as my teacher. She explains things in a fun way and she also teaches me special tricks to help me play the piano better."

Kailey N.

Chino Hills

"Dr. Chiang allows me to enjoy and pursue piano even further. From Dr. Chiang I learned that piano is not just about getting all the notes and playing the piece. Although it’s important to get the notes right, she is able to guide me to dynamics and imagery. Apart from the notes, imagining the setting of the piece allows me to enjoy all of the works I have done. Piano with Dr. Chiang is like enjoying a good book, one page at a time. "

Jason Kim


"Although I used to not really enjoy piano, I started to like it after taking lessons from Dr. Chiang. She teaches with a completely different approach. She lets her students connect with other gangs. She also emphasizes and courage feeling and expression. I feel that my songs have more meaningful and rhythmic touch to it. I would highly recommend her, hands down! "

Brian S.


"I started piano in Dr. Chiang’s studio when I was in the 3rd grade and I now just completed my Certificate of Merit Advanced level in my senior year of high school. One of the many reasons why I like Dr. Chiang’s teaching is that she makes sure that we have a strong foundation in technical skills, sight-reading, and piano theory so that we become a well-rounded musician. After over 9 years of piano lessons from Dr. Chiang, I would highly recommend her studio because she always has a schedule planned out for her students and teaches us how to better manage our time on top of piano. With the help of Dr. Chiang, I was able to balance piano, tennis, boy scouts, dragon boating, as well as school clubs even with the rigor of Whitney high School. Dr. Chiang connects our chosen music with everyday life we live in so we appreciate the music we play in a whole different way."

Justin H.


"My son took piano lessons from Dr. Chiang for ten years. He is honored to complete the Certificate of Merit Advanced Level in the senior year. Dr. Chiang is very organized and professional. Annual lesson schedule, recitals, workshops, evaluation and theory schedule are always planned in the beginning of each calendar year. This will allow the students to plan to maximize their attendance without much hassle. Playing and practicing the piano can be a hard chore to keep up in our everyday agenda. However, Dr. Chiang has the ability to draw upon my son’s strength that works best for him. Not only had he learned to master the skill and time management, but she also instilled joy and appreciation in music that will last a lifetime. We are very impressed by her efforts, patience and professionalism. She has made this a unique experience for my son as we grow together. We highly recommend Dr. Chiang to anyone who is ready to experience passion and love in music."

Mrs. Ho


"It’s been almost 7 years since my daughter has taken piano lesson with Dr. Chiang. On several occasions I have many parents asking me who my daughter’s teacher is and I have many compliments of her playing and good technique. Dr. Chiang has a lot of experiences working with different students tailored to their learning styles and personalities. Dr. Chiang does not only teach piano. She covers everything: technique, theory, preparation for CM & competitions. My child also learns how to be strong and patient both mentally and physically. Since the beginning of piano lessons, I notice that my child is not only getting stronger in her music, she is also improving with many positive manners and behaviors. I believe it will lead to her future success. As a parent, I would always appreciate Dr. Chiang’s good philosophy and her hard work on all of her piano students!!!!"

Mrs. Hong

La Habra

"Dr. Chiang is an extremely “picky” teacher in a good way. She makes my playing come to life and makes it the best it can be. Before I came here, my hands were a mess. Thanks to Dr. Chiang, I can literally play anything with lots of confidence. I like how she challenges me in every chance and encourages me to do more. If you come to Dr. Chiang’s piano studio, you won’t regret it!"

Kristine T.

La Mirada

"I recommend Dr. Chiang because she is super fun! She makes piano lessons fun and creative. She is really detailed. Sometimes she has a pizza or cookie baking party! I improved because of Dr. Chiang, Her workshops and recitals are awesome! She makes it fun and relaxing so you don’t need to be nervous. I am really having a blast at her studio. Dr. Chiang‘s students and I win medals and trophies because of her. I am so happy to come to her. Thank you, Dr. Chiang. You are the best piano teacher ever!!! "

Carolyn T.

La Mirada

"Through my many years of learning piano and different teachers, Dr. Chiang has been the best teacher in many different aspects. Just to list a couple out, I've noticed that she knows how to teach different type of people, has a great cheerful character, knows what she is doing, encouraging and a great planner! I have learned so much from her, including some skills that helped me put together a concert! Through Dr. Doris, music has become a big part of my life and I am constantly improving even though I don't notice it. She has really made me feel special and gifted!"

Melody S.


"Dr. Chiang has a lot of patience with her students. She never just focuses on the technical element of a piece and always encourages us to go deeper into the piece, emphasizing musicality over technique. It’s always easy to contact her and if you leave a message she will always get back to you quickly. Dr. Chiang is also a very encouraging teacher who wouldn’t just tell you what she wants, but show you how to get there."

Shari T.

Diamond Bar

"My son has been with Dr. Chiang for 5 years. He has been improving a lot since going to her lesson. Dr. Chiang makes every lesson enjoyable; therefore, my son looks forward to the lesson every time. She will use different examples to explain to the kid until he understands. Her dedication to the students and music are exceptional. So far I have not met a piano teacher better than Dr. Chiang."

Mrs. Ma.

Yorba Linda

You are cordially invited to the
Studio Recital
Featuring the Students of
Dr. Doris Chiang
Works by Beethoven, Chopin, Prokofiev,
Poulenc and other contemporary composers
Sunday April 30th, 2023
1:00 PM & 3:00 PM
Community Presbyterian Church La Miranda
13701 Hillsborough Dr.

Congratulations to the December 2023 Orange County Branch Theme Festival Winners
Silver medal: Bethia Gamboa, Aaron Chauv, Gregory San Giacomo, Reanbe Del Valle
Bronze Medal: Luke Chauv, Jackie He, Diego Garcia.t

Congratulations to the 2023 Studio Competition Winner List:

Division I:

Trophy Winner: Kaiden Barilla
Gold: Liesl Kesuma, Evelyn San Giacomo, Diana Lee, Myles Mount
Silver: Weston Ung, Hailey Ko, Allison Chung, Oliver Fan, Lauren Rivera
Bronze: Kaitlyn Chen, Kylie Ung, Gracie Rivera, Julia Rivera, Greyson Ung

Division II:

Trophy Winner: Bethia Gamboa
Gold: Bethany Yim, Gregory San Giacomo
Silver: Amitis Dastan, AJ Behnke, Sophia Fung, Chi Nguyen, Aaron Chauv
Bronze: Luke Chauv, Charlotte Kang, Reanne del Valle

Division III:

Trophy Winner: Lucy Ann Enomoto
Gold: Jackie He
Silver: Jason Sirota, Aaron Situ
Bronze: Olivia Ng, Diego Garcia

Congratulations to the Studio Competition Winners on Nov. 13, 2022:

Division I:

Winner: Hailey Ko

Gold Medal: Kaitlyn Chen, Myles Mount, and Liesl Kasuma

Silver Medal: Allison Chung, Charlotte Kang, Evelyn San Giocomo

Division II:

Winner: Audrey Ahn

Gold Medal: Aaron Chauv, Luke Chauv, Bethia Gamboa, Amitis Dastan
Silver Medal: Bethany Yim, Jason Sirota, AJ Behnke, Audrey Huang
Bronze Medal: Kenneth Lee, Reanne del Velle, Greogry San Giacomo

Division III:

Winner: Michaela Cupsa

Gold Medal: Ojiro Orozco, Jackie He, Eliana Kim

Silver Medal: Diego Garcia, Brianna Cupsa, Lucy Ann Enomoto

Bronze Medal: Olivia Ng, Kira Zeng, Aaron Situ

2022 MTAC Orange County Branch Theme Festival Winners:

Gold Medals: Ojiro Orozco, Brianna Cupsa, Aaron Chauv

Silver Medal: Eliana Kim, Jackie He, Michaela Cupsa

Bronze Medal: Aaron Situ, Luke Chauv, Diego Garcia