Are Virtual Piano Lessons as Effective as In-Person Lessons? Will They Work?

piano lessons Buena Park

While the pandemic is still looming, the piano lessons in Buena Park by Doris Chiang will remain virtual. Some of you might have issues regarding online lessons.  Are Online Piano Lessons in Buena Park Like Regular Music lessons?  It’s important to remember that not all virtual piano lessons are created equal. Thus, if you wish the…

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Why You Won’t Regret Taking Online Piano Lessons in Brea for Adults?

piano lessons Brea

Many adults take up adult piano lessons in Brea because they are retired and they want to start a hobby that can help in passing the time. Adult piano lessons aren’t just for retired individuals. But they are also for those who simply want to restore their brain activity.  Online Piano Lessons in Brea Can Help…

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Piano Teacher in Anaheim Offers Tips on How to Make the Most of Her Virtual Lessons

piano teacher in Anaheim

Doris Chiang, a renowned piano teacher in Anaheim, understands that her students have a hard time practicing at home after attending her virtual lessons. Some of her students can’t remember things. Others do practice but their practice didn’t help in upping their game. In this mini-post, Doris wants to share some tips on how to play…

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Doris Chiang on the Easiest Songs to Play to Learn the Piano

piano lessons in Brea

Playing the piano is rewarding. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re playing for an audience or yourself. But Doris Chiang recommends learning to read music to make it easier for you to play any song. It’s not hard to learn to read music, provided you have a piano teacher to guide you. Practice every day,…

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How Dr. Doris Chiang Carries Out Her Online Piano Lessons in Whittier

Piano lessons in Whittier

Playing the piano is an escape for plenty of people. This beautiful instrument gives many the chance to momentarily let go of their current stressors and to find comfort in music. Through her virtual piano lessons, Doris Chiang now continues to spread the power and fulfillment of piano playing, even given the current global situation….

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Can You Practice Piano Lessons in Costa Mesa Using a Keyboard?

It is fine to use a keyboard when you are still starting to take piano lessons in Costa Mesa. An electric keyboard may be sufficient for learning. However, you must remember that not all keyboards are the same. If you are taking lessons with your keyboard, you may ask your piano teacher if it would…

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