Do Piano Lessons Include Learning How to Perfect Your Posture on Piano?

Piano Lessons Newport Beach

Piano lessons in Newport Beach include a lot of things. Doris Chiang, the well-renowned piano teacher will also teach you how to improve your piano posture. It is not the focus of the lesson, though. However, if she notices you’re slouching while playing, she’ll correct it. 

The Importance of Posture in Piano Lessons in Newport Beach

Proper posture is not only necessary when playing the piano. Rather, it is vital in everything that you do — from washing the dishes to carrying a bag to driving a car. When you play the piano, you’ll be sitting without a backrest. Yet, Chopin and Beethoven didn’t slouch back while performing their famous masterpieces. Proper posture helps you sit without feeling sore. It also strengthens your back, abdomen, and shoulders while you play the instrument beautifully. 

Is There a Proper Posture When Playing the Piano? 

Piano players know how to sit properly while playing. They either learned it on their own or their teachers taught them. There’s no specific way to sit while playing the piano. But you cannot slouch because it will only lead to pain. Essentially, you need to sit comfortably on the edge of the stool. You must keep your weight over your buttocks. Your feet must be flat on the floor when you’re not using the pedals. They help in balancing the rest of your body as they serve as a point of tension. Then, your knees should be positioned in a way that you could comfortably reach the pedals. Your hands must rest easy on the keyboard. If you place your knees properly, your entire body is in the right place. 

What Must Be the Position of Your Upper Body? 

Throughout the play, your neck must be aligned with your spine. Your chin must also be tucked in. You should keep your shoulders away from your ears. Keep in mind that as you play the piano, you need to play accurately and with versatility. The only way to achieve this is when you practice proper posture when playing. 

How to Prevent Your Wrists from Hurting While Playing? 

Another reason you need to practice proper posture while playing the piano is to prevent hurting your wrists. Your wrists are exerting force into the keys. Make sure that they are above the keyboard. Keep them loose and mobile so you can press the keys with control and precision. 

Maintaining proper posture while playing the piano isn’t an easy thing to do. It is especially true if you are not trained to do so. However, when you start focusing on it, you’ll benefit from having proper posture because you get to play any masterpiece with ease. You should also remember that proper posture is just part of learning the piano. It is not the main focus. But it can greatly affect your performance, especially if you need to play for hours. 

Piano Lessons Newport Beach

Ready to Start Playing? 

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