Learning How to Play the piano for Beginners in Cerritos

Piano Lessons in Cerritos

Whatever your age, piano lessons in Cerritos can help you learn how to play this best musical instrument. It’s exciting because you can make amazing sounds the moment you press the keys. 

What are the Requirements for Piano Lessons in Cerritos

You need a piano or a keyboard to follow the lessons. The cost of a piano will depend on the brand. Since you’re still a beginner, you can choose to invest in an entry-level keyboard. 

The Cost of Piano Lessons

It can cost anywhere from $50 to $100 an hour. The exact cost will be determined when you meet the teacher. Learning in person will give you live feedback. The teacher will also provide you with one-on-one personal attention. It’s different when learning through apps. They can be fun but you won’t know whether or not what you are doing is correct.

Basic Skills 

The piano may look dizzying because of its array of keys. With the help of a piano teacher, you will understand the patterns making it easier to play the notes. The first thing you will learn is finding the middle C. It’s the first part of the lessons. Then, you will start learning the musical alphabet: C, D, E, F G, A, and B. There’s no H in the musical alphabet. Rather, it goes to C again. 

Finger Movement

This is where the challenge starts. The five-finger scale is a basic skill you need to master. Your teacher will introduce you to it as it is vital to piano playing. At first, it will feel weird, which is normal. It may take time for you to get used to. But with practice, you can play the five notes evenly. 


They are building blocks of music. They are vital in pop, jazz, and church songs. Knowing them will help you progress in piano. During your first few lessons, you will learn C major, G major, F major, and A minor. 

Playing with Both Hands 

As the lessons progress, the challenge becomes harder. And playing with both hands is one of the difficult obstacles you need to face when learning how to play the piano. Hand independence is something you need to master if you wish to play this musical instrument. But don’t worry. Even the most advanced pianists still struggle with hand independence. 

Playing Scales 

In addition to playing with both hands, you will also learn how to play scales. This becomes easier if you have mastered the five-finger scale. Your teacher will show you some tricks on how to play a full-octave scale on your right and left hands. It’s difficult at first. But with consistent practice, you’ll master it.

Piano Lessons in Cerritos

Play Your First Songs 

Once you know the fundamentals, it is time to play your first songs. This is where recitals come in. It’s an exciting part of piano lessons in Cerritos. If you are interested in enrolling, please call us here: (562) 537-7548.