Highly Recommended Piano Lessons in Buena Park

Piano lessons in Buena Park can cause fear in the heart of your children. For them, they’d rather play football or hang out with their friends, rather than play Moonlight Sonata in the presence of a piano teacher. Thankfully, with today’s many options, learning how to play the piano is no longer a daunting experience. 

Where to Find Piano Lessons in Buena Park

Budding pianists will go straight to YouTube for piano lessons. After all, they are free. They can also find various videos that cater to their levels. However, videos on YouTube are uploaded by anyone. In that case, there’s no guarantee that the lessons are accurate. Furthermore, the quality of the teaching varies. 

If you’re starting to learn how to play the piano, you must build a stable foundation. Keep in mind that if you learn on your own just by watching YouTube videos, you will never know whether or not what you’re doing is correct. And if you have developed bad habits, they are difficult to mitigate.

Enter Piano Lessons of Doris Chiang 

Nothing can beat learning the piano with a piano teacher. You can indeed download an app that helps you play this musical instrument easily. You can also learn at your own pace. But having a real teacher to teach you the basics will be useful in building a strong foundation for your piano skills. If you don’t like to go to her studio for an in-person lesson, Doris offers online video lessons. That is, you’re going to meet her on Zoom. The online lesson will require that you have your piano because it will be useless to teach you how to play the chords or notes through imagination. 

Essential Piano Techniques

Doris Chiang only offers the best piano lessons in Buena Park. Her lessons include essential piano techniques that you’re going to use as you progress. Doris is an award-winning pianist and her lessons are aimed at beginners to intermediate to advanced players. Her approach is structured to ensure that her students will learn all the basics before proceeding to advance lessons. 

Fun and Exciting

Doris understands that some of her students get bored easily. That’s why she makes her lessons fun and exciting (sometimes addictive). She keeps you on the right track to ensure that you are learning the right way. Before you can level up, she’ll first test your skills to see whether or not you are ready for the next level. 

The lessons tackle social music theory. But her lessons are designed at getting you to learn how to play the piano quickly without getting too bogged down in theory. She can also show you various resources online that can further help in your learning. 

How to Get Started? 

You can start attending her piano lessons in Buena Park by first contacting us here at (562) 537-7548. Doris includes virtual piano lessons so that you don’t have to go to her studio for the lessons.