Why You Won’t Regret Taking Online Piano Lessons in Brea for Adults?

piano lessons Brea

Many adults take up adult piano lessons in Brea because they are retired and they want to start a hobby that can help in passing the time. Adult piano lessons aren’t just for retired individuals. But they are also for those who simply want to restore their brain activity. 

Online Piano Lessons in Brea Can Help You Feel Younger 

A piano lesson is a mentally challenging leisure activity. Several studies showed that carrying out an activity that challenges you mentally can help in restoring brain activity levels and make them more youth-like. In other words, learning how to play the piano is good for your brain, no matter what your age is. However, if you’re an adult, a piano lesson is beneficial in improving your working memory. It also reduces your stress levels and depression. It’s also more effective than participating in brain-training games. The brains of the kids are like sponges. They learn new things easily. However, adult students are better at processing concepts. They also have a greater capacity for problem-solving. 

It’s Fun

Online piano lessons are fun. It doesn’t stop being fun. Every lesson, Doris provides new techniques to help you improve your piano level. 

Choose When to Play and Where 

One of the benefits of being an adult is that you can choose what you want. And when it comes to learning the piano, you can play whenever you want. You are free to decide the schedule for your online piano lesson. There’s no pressure to play something nice. Would you want to play classical music? What favorite song do you want to play next? You may lose interest in your piano lessons. But Doris Chiang is always there to boost your motivation. Her piano lessons are just enjoyable and you look forward to the next session. 

Extra Time to Practice 

Since the pandemic started, many people have more time for themselves to learn new hobbies. With online piano lessons, you don’t need to travel or drive to Doris’s piano studio. You just have to wait for your schedule, set up your computer, and start your piano lesson with Doris Chiang. After the lesson, you don’t need to travel again to get to your home from the piano studio. Once the lesson ends, you can turn off your computer and continue practicing. But find time to practice. You can practice while you’re waiting for the water to boil, for instance. Instead of using social media, you can use your time better by playing the piano. The key here is to really want to learn to play the piano. Find out what will motivate you to learn. Figure it out and hang it over your piano. 


Even if you don’t get the songs correctly the first time, playing the piano can help you de-stress. If you find yourself beating yourself up because you can’t play Beethoven sonata just like Doris Chiang, you must always remember that you are just learning new skills. It takes time to master it. What can you learn from the piano lessons Brea trusts? Contact Doris at  (562) 537-7548