Signing Your Little One for Virtual Piano Lessons by Doris Chiang

Virtual piano lessons

Virtual piano lessons can help your child. Should you force her to learn to play the piano? It really depends on her character. 


Many parents said that they didn’t regret forcing their kids to learn how to play the piano. The reason for this is that their kids now are doing well in school. By attending piano lessons, they can interact socially. 


Virtual Piano Lessons or Soccer? 

These are just two of the activities that your children can pick during summer. Most kids prefer playing soccer or scouts, rather than be stuck in a piano studio to play Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. 


However, adding piano lessons to their list can give them tons of benefits. That’s why many parents and even academic teachers are encouraging the little ones to attend piano lessons. 


Your kid may not be the next Beethoven or Liszt. However, there are many benefits to learning the piano. 

Virtual piano lessons

For one, it can improve their academic skills. Music and math are interconnected. When your kids can understand beat and scales, they can easily understand how to solve fractions and recognize patterns. 


Music wires your children’s brains to help them better understand various parts of math. As your kids get older, they can start developing a mnemonic device that they can later use to improve their memory skills, which are vital in the academic field. 


Piano lessons will also help in developing their physical skills. Playing the piano requires that they move their hands and feet. 


Your kids will learn how to use their right and left hands simultaneously, thereby, developing their ambidexterity. As they can enhance their coordination, it can prepare them to take up other hobbies like dancing. 


Improve Social Skills

Many kids, these days, are hooked to video gaming. They prefer to play at home on their computer rather than going out and play with their peers or neighbors. 


As a result, their social skills would suffer. They no longer know how to communicate properly with their family and friends. 


But when they attend piano lessons, they are required to interact with other kids who are also learning how to play the piano. Doris Chiang will sometimes hold group classes to encourage teamwork. 


This is vital so that your kids will understand their part in a larger group. Your kids will know how to work to a common goal and not just focus on their goals. 


Furthermore, piano lessons refine their discipline and patience. Learning the piano will teach your kids about delayed gratification. 


The piano has a steep learning curve. Playing it will teach you kids to persevere and practice for hours before they can reach their specific goals. 


When they develop discipline and patience, they will understand the value of hard work to achieve their goals later in their lives. They will know that by patiently waiting, they will soon reap the benefits they have been waiting for. It can be a success in their career or love life. 


Wondering where to sign up for your kids for virtual piano lessons? Please contact (562) 537-7548.