How Dr. Doris Chiang Carries Out Her Online Piano Lessons in Whittier

Piano lessons in Whittier

Playing the piano is an escape for plenty of people. This beautiful instrument gives many the chance to momentarily let go of their current stressors and to find comfort in music. Through her virtual piano lessons, Doris Chiang now continues to spread the power and fulfillment of piano playing, even given the current global situation. Giving virtual piano lessons in Whittier is not super easy, but here is how she does it.

piano lessons in whittier

Patience and Understanding

The current situation is far from reassuring for anyone, much less young students.Dr. Chiang understands that it can be rather unfair to expect someone to work at full capacity under the present circumstances. However, she also knows that piano playing can be a great outlet for pent up expression and for a brief moment of escapism. Through patience and understanding, Dr. Doris Chiang encourages her students to momentarily let go of those feelings of frustration and to channel them into the class in question. Piano lessons can help a student create concrete goals to follow up on. This concentration can eventually create a sense of structure and stability in a person’s life, even when they are worried about other things.

Dedication to the Craft

Teaching is not easy whether it’s math or music, much less when it’s long-distance. In order to be a good virtual teacher, one needs to have the necessary dedication and commitment to the craft to properly communicate the lessons through online channels. This involves an understanding of how people learn. When teachers ground themselves on the basics of their craft and learn how to properly communicate them at a distance, particularly with something as hands-on as piano playing, they can effectively continue to teach the student as normal. When carrying out her online piano lessons in Whittier, Dr. Chiang makes sure to properly implement her years’ worth of teaching experience in order to better help the students understand every concept from afar.

Collaboration and Communication

These are definitely not the ideal circumstances for piano lessons. After all, it’s understandable that you’d prefer to sit next to your instructor and have them show you the ropes in person. However, we have to make do with what we have right now, and that means doing our best to keep our distance. Online piano lessons are great ways to deal with that. However, they might be harder for some than for others. This is why Dr. Chiang makes an effort to collaborate and communicate with her students as much as possible. This allows her to provide a teaching environment that is both understanding and empathetic to the student’s situation. A comfortable dynamic will be key to the success of online piano lessons.

Virtual Piano Lessons in Whittier

Dr. Doris Chiang is an accomplished pianist and an experienced instructor. She has been deeply involved with music institutions across Southern California. She currently provides piano lessons in Whittier for people of all ages, helping them earn the necessary skills and gain constructive knowledge that will encourage them to keep practicing beyond each lesson. For more information on her piano lessons, give her a call at (562) 537-7548 or fill out the contact form on her website.