Do You Need a Piano Teacher to Get Good?

You live in a time where you can access information at your fingertips. If you want to learn the piano, there are apps that you can download. With several online resources available, you may think that paying for a piano teacher in Orange County is no longer necessary. Is this true?  Is It Still Ideal…

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Are Piano Lessons Safe During COVID?

piano lessons Anaheim

In-person piano lessons in Anaheim may not be safe during COVID. For that reason, Doris Chiang offers virtual piano lessons to her students so that they can continue learning how to play the piano amidst the pandemic.    What Online Piano Lessons in Anaheim Look Like?  Your thirst to learn how to play the piano…

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Piano Lessons in Anaheim to Help You Stay Motivated to Learn

piano lessons in Anaheim

Motivation is the key to learning the piano. But when that motivation is gone, you’ll stop practicing for a few days, weeks, or months. If you don’t want that to happen, you should enroll in piano lessons in Anaheim. Piano lessons will help you stay motivated because you have a piano teacher to push you….

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Piano Teacher in Brea Talks How to Avoid Burnout in Playing

Progress is vital in playing the piano. Every student wants to climb the ladder of success. The need for accomplishment is a part of humanity. However, it also gets in the way of enjoying the activity. And this is where having a piano teacher in Brea becomes useful.  Although you can learn the piano by…

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Piano Teacher in Anaheim Answers How Long to Take to Learn Piano

piano teacher in anaheim

How long does it take to learn the piano? It’s a common question of beginners. If you’re just starting, you might wonder how long before you can play the song you want to play. Perhaps, you want to sing or play with a band. Here’s the answer from the piano teacher in Anaheim, “It depends.” …

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How Dr. Doris Chiang Carries Out Her Online Piano Lessons in Whittier

Piano lessons in Whittier

Playing the piano is an escape for plenty of people. This beautiful instrument gives many the chance to momentarily let go of their current stressors and to find comfort in music. Through her virtual piano lessons, Doris Chiang now continues to spread the power and fulfillment of piano playing, even given the current global situation….

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