Doris Chiang on Why We Play Music

One of the many questions that Doris Chiang’s students would ask her is, “Why do we play music?”

Most of us love music, no matter what genre it is. The reason for this is that it stirs emotions. We even have some favorite pieces we do not get tired of listening to all these years.

Doris Chiang’s Love for a Musical Instrument

Doris has been teaching the piano since 1992. She is passionate about this musical instrument so she wanted to share this enthusiasm with others.
Doris Chiang

She found that people play a certain musical instrument because of their love to it. Even if people do not play the entire musical piece, there is something about playing the piece that makes it enjoyable.

Furthermore, playing the piano or any other musical instruments will help you express yourself throughout the music. We can speak through the instrument via the technique that lets us express music. Thus, the more you can improve your technique, the more you can express yourself.

Music offers unique opportunities for growth through its challenges. Practicing a musical instrument may help in increasing your IQ.

Unfortunately, some people play music to show off. What they miss here is that music is about sharing the piece’s beauty and meaning and not making others feel less worthy.

If you play a certain piece just to show everyone you can play this instrument, then your audience will know.

Other people also play music just to compete. If that is your main reason to learn the piano, then you will fail to play a piece beautifully.

That’s why Doris Chiang teaches her students to learn the piano by heart so they can play it as beautifully as the piece is meant to be played.

Keep in mind that composers did not create their music just to compete. They created it to express something magical.

However, Doris does encourage her students to participate in a piano competition. The main goal here is to boost her students’ confidence.

The more you play the piano, the more you learn about the musical piece. You will further enjoy listening to it as you understand the composer’s reason for writing it.

Why Choose Doris Chiang’s Piano Lessons

Doris is one of the well-revered piano teachers in Orange County and neighboring communities. She completed the Doctoral of Musical Arts at the University of Southern California.

As a student, she won the Bach Festival and recipient of MTAC Branch Scholarship. She was also the winner of the Southwestern Youth Music Festival. Her studio is situated in the Orange County Area. One of the things that separate her piano lessons from others is that she makes sure that her lessons are fun and creative.

She also teaches her students to make piano playing a habit. That’s because when it becomes a habit, playing this musical instrument will become second nature to you.

For Doris Chiang’s piano lessons’ rates, they would depend on how long the lesson is. Her per hour rate is $85. It is for a single lesson. But if you wish to save, you can opt for her $160 per month. It includes 30 minutes of piano lessons. For more inquiries, please contact (562) 537-7548 or use the online contact form.