Doris Chiang on the Easiest Songs to Play to Learn the Piano

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Playing the piano is rewarding. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re playing for an audience or yourself. But Doris Chiang recommends learning to read music to make it easier for you to play any song. It’s not hard to learn to read music, provided you have a piano teacher to guide you. Practice every day, and you’ll be as good as Doris Chiang. 


Doris Chiang Recommends Practicing at Home 

Besides attending the piano lessons of the world-renowned pianist, you must also practice at home. After doing your homework assigned by Doris, you can play just any song that you want. If you’re not sure what song to play, here are some suggestions. 

Doris Chiang


Every musician knows this song. Even non-musicians can easily play it. It is the best song you can practice that allows you to play with your two fingers easily. 


Happy Birthday to You 

It is another song that you can quickly learn to play on your piano. It’s just like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. If you can learn Happy Birthday, you will also learn Twinkle Twinkle. They’re indeed little kids songs. Learning how to play them gives you the basics. They are the best songs that can help you get started on your musical journey. 


Fur Elise 

It’s a fun song and easy to learn. When you know to play this song, you can add more notes so it will sound better. 


Swan Lake Theme 

It may seem like it’s the most challenging piece to learn. However, Doris Chiang can teach you how to do it at first. Once you know the basics, you can practice it every day. 


Any song can be easily played by just listening to the first few notes. Then, after that, pause and learn how to play it. After learning the first part, you should repeat the process until you know how to learn to play the whole song. Doris will also teach you how to practice scales. They are finger exercises that are vital to any piano player. For one, scales will help you get used to repetition. Scales will also teach you how to coordinate your hands while your hands are getting a workout. Scales will also help you recognize each note’s tone. Plus, they can help you stretch your fingers. In that way, it’ll be easier for you to play from one note to another. Furthermore, scales will help you use the right fingering when you play. As you get good at those easy songs, you must challenge yourself more. Look for ways to reuse those chords. Knowing how to do it will help you build the skills you can use throughout your piano learning journey. As you create more challenges, you can create progressions. When you’re good at it, you can compose any song. Since you’re not there yet, you should first enroll in a piano class by Doris Chiang. To find out how, please contact (562) 537-7548