Piano Teacher in Anaheim Offers Tips on How to Make the Most of Her Virtual Lessons

piano teacher in Anaheim

Doris Chiang, a renowned piano teacher in Anaheim, understands that her students have a hard time practicing at home after attending her virtual lessons. Some of her students can’t remember things. Others do practice but their practice didn’t help in upping their game. In this mini-post, Doris wants to share some tips on how to play the piano through Doris’s virtual lessons and practice playing the piano while at home. 

piano teacher in Anaheim

Piano Teacher in Anaheim Recommends Reinforcing Learning 

In school, students can easily retain the information they learned through mini-quizzes. To apply it while practicing the piano at home, you may pick a piece that you memorized. Then, play the piece without reading the sheet music. Now, you must try to remember any part of the piece without looking at the sheet. It means that you have to force yourself to remember a part of it. Another trick is to revisit old information. Recall something from an earlier class time. You may forget what you’ve learned. However, forcing yourself to bring it back up may solidify that learning in the future. For instance, you may play a portion of a song before breakfast. Then, play it again after breakfast and going to bed. Now, observe how your practice turned out. Did you do better or you got worse? You may also mix up pieces to strengthen the retention of information. If you’re playing one piece, you’ll get bored. However, if you mix up content, you’ll observe and pick the right strategy. Doing so will challenge you to see and know the differences between the two pieces. As a result, it enhances your learning. And to further boost your learning, Doris’s virtual lessons will further challenge you. 

Know the Difference Between What You Know and Don’t Know 

When you practice, it may not pay off because you’re practicing a section that you already mastered. It makes you feel confident but it also prevents you from practicing more. To fix it, you should use sticky notes to differentiate those tricky sections in a piece. Use dice to help you decide what section to play. Then, play it as many times as you want. Push yourself to play that section with no errors. Otherwise, you have to start again. 


Always Warm-Up Before Virtual Lessons

If your fingers are freezing, you can’t play well. Perhaps, you can play the piece but with a lot of errors. And it’s one reason you need to warm up your hands. In this way, you can play the keys fluidly. Then, make sure to set aside a minimum of 20 minutes a day to practice. The more time you practice, the better it is. On the other hand, if you have more time to spare, you should break it into 20-minute intervals. In this way, it won’t be too overwhelming. It’ll also prevent burnout. At the start of your practice, you must avoid starting at the beginning of the piece. The reason for this is that you’ll master the beginning parts and not the other parts of music. If you enroll in the virtual piano lessons of Doris Chiang, you’ll get more tips from this sought-after piano teacher in Anaheim on how to practice properly while stuck at home. Call (562) 537-7548 for more details about her online piano classes.