Piano Teacher in Anaheim Answers How Long to Take to Learn Piano

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How long does it take to learn the piano? It’s a common question of beginners. If you’re just starting, you might wonder how long before you can play the song you want to play. Perhaps, you want to sing or play with a band. Here’s the answer from the piano teacher in Anaheim, “It depends.” 

piano teacher in anaheim

Piano Teacher in Anaheim Talks the Time to Learn to Play 

The amount of time you need to take to learn the piano depends on the level of playing you wish to reach. Keep in mind that you can easily learn to play any melody in minutes. 

You can just watch a piano lesson online and master a simple song immediately, with the guidance of a piano teacher. 

However, if you want to play an advanced piece, like Piano Concerto #3 of Rachmaninoff, then it might take a decade for you to master it. You have to devote hours each day to practice an advanced piece. 

But most students of Doris Chiang aimed to just play those simple songs. However, no matter the level of playing you wish to achieve, your progress will still depend on how often you practice. Furthermore, your teacher plays an important role in achieving such a goal. 

If you wish to achieve level 10, for instance, but you’re a slower learner, your progress will still vary depending on the teacher and the quality of practice time you commit to. Even if you devote an hour each day to practice for four days per week, you still won’t achieve the highest level of playing the piano in a month. It will still take more than a decade to achieve such a level. 

However, if you’re a fast learner and commits to an hour each day of practice, four days in a week, then you’ll get to the highest level in less than a decade. 

It’s easy to see that your daily practice will greatly affect how long for you to learn the piano. However, if you choose a professional, award-winning piano teacher and practice an hour each day, it will surely make a difference. 

When you reach a particular level, you can expect to master any musical piece within a few weeks of practice. You can learn per piece higher than your current level. However, it takes months of practice to achieve your goal. 

Generally, you can reach level 1 within a year of dedicated learning with the award-winning piano teacher. After that, you get to level 2, and so on. But you need to strive hard and practice more. No matter how good your teacher is if you don’t practice often, then your progress will be stagnant. 

Despite the length of time you need to commit to just learning the piano and reach a certain level, you must not get discouraged. Keep in mind that learning piano is a journey of a lifetime. 

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