Piano Lessons in Anaheim to Help You Stay Motivated to Learn

piano lessons in Anaheim

Motivation is the key to learning the piano. But when that motivation is gone, you’ll stop practicing for a few days, weeks, or months. If you don’t want that to happen, you should enroll in piano lessons in Anaheim. Piano lessons will help you stay motivated because you have a piano teacher to push you. The classes will also inspire you to do better each day. 

Piano Lessons in Anaheim to Improve How You Play 

One of the reasons you’ve lost your motivation to learn is that you’re experiencing mental fatigue. Burned out is the best way to describe it. But if you attend a piano lesson with a piano teacher, you become committed. You’ll take it seriously. You won’t always feel excited and passionate about playing. But having a piano teacher watching your every play, you’ll feel more motivated to play. If your piano teacher senses that you’re no longer that enthusiastic, she’ll find other factors to motivate you. She’ll remind you of the reason why you wish to learn how to play the piano. That’s why Doris Chiang, the multi-talented piano teacher in Anaheim, would ask her first-time students why they want to play the piano. It can be about you’ve seen someone perform, or it’s always been a dream of yours to play. One of Doris’s exercises for her students is to write down the reason they want to play the piano. In that way, when they lose interest or motivation, Doris would ask them to remember why they wish to play this musical instrument. Your piano teacher will also help you stay on track. When you know that someone will observe your progress every week, you’ll be more motivated to practice each day. Even if you don’t feel like practicing because you’re too busy, you’ll find time because a real person will check in with your progress. If you decide to learn the piano on your own, you won’t have someone to check your practice’s progress and accuracy. As you learn the piano, you’ll commit a lot of mistakes. Without a piano teacher, those little mistakes will slide. Your piano teacher will notice those little mistakes and correct them. Knowing that there’s a person who keeps tabs on your progress can help you stay motivated all the time. Doris Chiang will also require her students to set concrete goals. Your goal could be to learn two songs for this month. Or play a new tempo. Having those goals written down will help you stay inspired. They can be a reminder of what you wish to achieve in the first place. These goals can also be a plan. You know what to practice today, tomorrow, and the next day. 

Enroll Now 

At some point in your piano learning experience, you’ll lose your motivation for some reason. However, if you attend one of Anaheim’s piano lessons, you’ll have someone to keep you on track. Your piano teacher will be there to keep you motivated. To start your piano lessons in Anaheim now, please contact (562) 537-7548