Piano Teacher in Brea Talks How to Avoid Burnout in Playing

Progress is vital in playing the piano. Every student wants to climb the ladder of success. The need for accomplishment is a part of humanity. However, it also gets in the way of enjoying the activity. And this is where having a piano teacher in Brea becomes useful. 

Although you can learn the piano by taking up online courses, you need a piano teacher to guide you. Doris Chiang is now holding her piano classes online so you can enroll at any time and attend the class that’s most convenient for you. 

She also provides online resources that can further help your learning. 

piano teacher in brea

Piano Teacher in Brea Encourages Students to Avoid Rushing in Learning 

We all want to achieve something in a shorter amount of time. But if you always push and strive, it can lead to burning out. You’ll also have a negative mindset. In learning the piano, you must not rush. Instead, you must enjoy the moment. 

Who cares if you’re learning slow. The important thing is that you’re enjoying every moment of learning how to play any piece. 

Even if you reach a higher level but ask to perform a low-level piece of music, you’ll still get to enjoy the experience. That’s because for you, playing the piano is all about the enjoyment of it. It has nothing to do whether the pieces are beyond your expert level. 

Developing your piano skills can be cumulative. It makes sense to achieve milestones for every grade. When you study with an award-winning piano teacher, like Doris Chiang, it’ll be a lot easier for you to learn important techniques in playing. 

What’s great about having a piano teacher working with you is that you’ll be more inspired to play. That is, you can avoid burnout. It’s especially true if you wish to progress faster. 

Want to be a Concert Pianist? 

You can be a concert pianist when you practice hard. Since you’ll be practicing every day, you tend to get bored. And Doris Chiang has a lot of students who always want challenging pieces. 

They rush through learning. By the time they reach a certain level, they get tired and consider playing the piano a hard chore instead of enjoyment. 

That’s why Doris Chiang wants her students to approach the piano with ease. If you don’t feel like playing now, don’t force yourself. 

However, if you feel that way every day, then it’s a sign that you’re getting tired of playing and learning. Doris will assign you several activities to encourage you to play again and go back to having a positive mindset. 

She’ll give you some things that will inspire you again to work harder. You should also look at your goal. What makes you want to play the piano? 

Doris Chiang also wants her students to celebrate their accomplishments. Focus on what you do right, rather than what you’re doing wrong. In that way, you’ll feel motivated to move on and be happier with your progress, even if it’s just a little. 

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