Which is Easier to Learn: Piano or Guitar?

piano lessons in Newport Beach

Piano and guitar are the most common choices for those who want to gain musical training. They are two different musical instruments. However, despite their differences, they are complimentary. If you have attended piano lessons in Newport Beach and wish to branch out to guitar lessons, the transition will be a lot easier than when you didn’t attend a piano lesson.

Learn More through Piano Lessons in Newport Beach 

Comparing learning the piano and learning the guitar may seem like comparing apples and strawberries. The fact is that both piano and guitar lessons can help you build your musical skills. But the real question is which musical instrument is difficult to learn?

Some would say that learning guitar is a lot easier than learning the piano. The reason for this is that they can easily pick up strumming patterns or form chords on their guitar quickly. However, we can all agree that you can also pick up piano basic chords quickly. But it always depends on your preference. The more you practice, though, the easier it is to help you master the skills, whether it’s piano or guitar playing.

The Simple Layout of Piano

When it comes to the layout of these musical instruments, the piano is the winner. The reason for this is that the piano includes a series of white and black keys. In that case, it’s easier to remember them. When it comes to a guitar, though, it’s a bit more complex. Most guitars come with 6 strings. And each string has little sections known as fret. When you pick a string and place your finger on a certain fret, the pitch can change.

The Piano is Easier for Little Kids

Most kids now are drawn to learning how to play the guitar because of the people they see on TV. The era of Ed Sheehan made guitar lessons soar. Unfortunately, the guitar isn’t the most comfortable musical instrument for kids. The reason for this is that guitar playing can hurt your fingers too much. It takes time to make the fingertips tougher and less sensitive. This is not enjoyable for a child. That’s why most kids shift to piano lessons after trying out one or two guitar lessons.

piano lessons in Newport Beach

Which is Easier to Learn?

It still depends on which musical instrument you’re more passionate about. The piano teacher will also affect how easy it is to learn the instrument. Doris Chiang is one of the most sought-after piano teachers in Newport Beach because of how interesting her piano lessons are. She makes sure that her students enjoy every lesson so they are more motivated to learn and practice every day.

If you wish to start piano lessons, though, you need to have a piano at home. Currently, Doris conducts her lessons online because of the pandemic. Thus, one of her requirements is to have a piano at home that you can use while attending her lessons. To know more about her piano lessons in Newport Beach, please call us at: (562) 537-7548.