What are the Most Popular Piano Styles that a Piano Teacher Teaches?

piano teacher in Orange County

Doris Chiang is a piano teacher in Orange County who teaches different piano styles. But what are the piano styles you can learn? Can you choose which one to learn? Let’s find out here. 

Piano Teacher in Orange County Teaching Different Piano Styles 

Classical Piano 

This is the most popular piano style. One of the most famous styles comes from Ludwig Van Beethoven. Many piano lessons start with Fur Elise. It’s a simple composition that any beginner or intermediate student can start learning. Besides Fur Elise, Canon in D is another classical piano music genre. It is an iconic piano song with catchy piano chords. Doris Chiang teaches it and other great songs that you can practice at home. 

Jazz Style 

It became popular in the early 20th century. During this time, ragtime, blues, and haze were developed. In various ways, the piano played a vital role in the development of all piano styles. The most popular jazz tune to learn is the Entertainer. It’s an example of ragtime playing. It involves bass notes and chords on the left hand. On the right hand, it tackles repetitive melodies and riffs. In addition to The Entertainer, Autumn Leaves is also a jazz piano music genre. It was composed in 1946 and it’s an excellent song for beginner pianists to learn jazz music. 

Rock and Pop 

Many rock and pop musicians began their careers by learning how to play the piano. Both Elton John and Freddie Mercury started their way to stardom by playing this musical instrument. The Piano Man by Billy Joel is a classic piece that you can easily learn with Doris Chiang. It’s perfect for both beginners and intermediate learners. Doris can give you piano chords with a simple melody with this music. Or you can try learning the Bohemian Rhapsody sheet. It’s a stellar example of rock piano music. It features allied playing, a wonderful melody, and several key changes. 


You can also try learning music for soundtracks for films, video games, or TV shows. Many composers created and added visuals with a few piano chords and melodies. Piano styles from soundtracks will include Game of Thrones. It’s a popular theme with a catchy melody. It’s also easy to learn and you can recognize it instantly. Even if you haven’t seen the TV show, pretty sure you’re familiar with it because it’s being played everywhere. 

piano teacher in Orange County

The Popularity of Piano

No one can argue that piano playing is relaxing and for some, it is beneficial for their mental health. Nowadays, it is easy to learn this musical instrument. You can start your lessons by simply attending one of the online lessons of our piano teacher in Orange County. Whether you want jazz, rock, pop, or classical music, there are a lot of piano pieces that you can start learning with Doris Chiang. To help you get started, though, please call: (562) 537-7548