Bored During Quarantine? Take Up Piano Lessons in Cerritos

piano lessons in Cerritos

Are you getting bored during quarantine? To help yourself be productive while in quarantine, you can take up piano lessons in Cerritos. No, you don’t need to go to the piano studio of Doris Chiang. Rather, you can just attend her virtual piano lessons. 

Although it’s still better to learn the piano with a teacher in person, it may not be possible because of the pandemic. Doris Chiang, however, doesn’t stop teaching her students who are passionate about the piano. That’s why she’s holding virtual piano lessons that anyone who has an interest in playing this musical instrument can attend. 

piano lessons in Cerritos

Getting a New Hobby with Piano Lessons in Cerritos

Just because the government imposes shelter-in-place rules, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take up a new hobby to help you cope through this pandemic. You can become a person who can play the piano when this COVID-19 ends. 

If you don’t have a piano or a keyboard at home, you can rent one in various piano studios in Cerritos. Not sure where? Please contact Doris Chiang today to get more details 

While you’re sheltering in place, learning to play the piano can be a great diversion. The next time your friends will ask you what you’ve been up to lately, you can now say that you have been productive by learning the piano. Soon, you can call your friends or family to have a virtual concert. 

There are cons to this pandemic. However, there are also good sides that can give you better opportunities. For instance, you have more time to explore various classical pieces that you can use to practice at home. 

You can also read different articles about tips on how to better your piano playing. And if you have small hands, there are several articles out there that can help you stretch your hands to hit octaves. 

For your mental health, learning how to play the piano can be of great benefit. Music offers curative power, especially in this trying time. During this pandemic, many people are searching for piano lessons online. Most of them go to YouTube to watch videos to help them learn the piano. 

However, if you’re a beginner, it’s still ideal that you have a teacher to guide you in your learning. Doris Chiang might have halted her piano classes in Cerritos, but she does offer virtual piano lessons. You may contact her at any time of the day to know more about how you can take advantage of her online lessons. 

Playing the piano during quarantine can be a form of a brain massage. As you learn how to play the notes, you’re putting yourself in a meditative trance. After the piano lesson, you can continue practicing for hours. 

And if you had a piano lesson in the past, then now is a good time to resurrect your piano knowledge. You can take on new tunes and practice them. 

Online piano lessons in Cerritos have been an ongoing program of Doris Chiang. If you’re interested to enroll, please contact her at (562) 537-7548