Online Piano Lessons in Buena Park to Continue Your Music Therapy

piano lessons in Buena Park

Music is undoubtedly useful as a therapy for any type of condition. It’s an effective tool in helping people think, move, and communicate better. If you have a neurologic condition, for instance, you can benefit from a piano lesson. Although physical distancing remains in effect in California, you can take online piano lessons in Buena Park with Doris Chiang as your teacher. 

piano lessons in Buena Park

Piano Lessons in Buena Park Can Help Improve Fine Motor Control 

Many stroke patients are now using music therapy as part of their stroke rehabilitation. It can take a while before you can fully recover from a stroke. However, with the help of piano lessons and other types of music therapy, you can overcome this neurologic disease. 

Starting an Online Lesson with Doris Chiang

There’s no need to visit Doris’ Buena Park studio to attend her piano lesson. She is now offering online piano lessons for many of her students. However, before you can take up her class, you need to have the right equipment. 

The good thing is that there’s no need for you to invest in fancy equipment. A computer or a laptop with a webcam is enough. You can even use your tablet or iPhone. Setting up correctly is a must. Just make sure that you have enabled your microphone and video. 

You should also pick the right schedule for a one-on-one lesson with Doris Chiang. If you are not sure how to schedule a class with Doris, please give us a call. 

Just like a regular session, you need to attend her online piano lessons regularly to ensure that your skills will improve. Some students who don’t have a piano in their home may have a hard time catching up. However, there are piano studios now in California that allow people to rent their keyboard or piano.

How to Be Productive During Virtual Lessons? 

You must treat the virtual lessons as if you’re attending the regular session. That is, you need to find a place in your house that is quiet. No one must disrupt you for the entire lesson. 

It’s best that you use earbuds or headphones to reduce the noise that comes out of the speaker. You may also record your session so you can review it later on. 

One of the issues you may encounter during the virtual lesson is a delay. It’s inevitable especially if you have a slow connection. If that happens, you should talk to Doris so she can adjust her lesson. You may also try switching to a different network. Or move your router close to you. 

If you are using an online piano lesson as your music therapy, make sure that you inform Doris about it. She can give you more tips to ensure that your therapy is a success. 

Whether or not you’re using piano lessons as music therapy, you need to be passionate and dedicated. Attending an online piano lesson can be difficult for you at first. But with a little help from Doris and your passion and interest, you can get through it. 

To know more about the online piano lessons in Buena Park by Doris Chiang, please contact (562) 537-7548.