Everything You Need for Virtual Piano Lessons in Fullerton

Piano lessons in fullerton

As Dr. Doris Chiang had to halt her piano lessons in Fullerton due to the pandemic, she began to transition to online classes. As she started to carry out this task, most of her students expressed a bit of doubt about this process. After all, how exactly do you take piano lessons online? Well, there’s nothing to worry about, for virtual piano lessons are much easier to carry out than you’d think. Here’s all you need.

Piano lessons in fullerton

Internet Connection

This one is pretty obvious, isn’t it? The first thing you will need in order to have virtual piano lessons is a good internet connection. Do you need the fastest connection available? Not necessarily. However, it will need to be at least decent. After all, the student will need to be able to pay close attention to the video feed, so things need to be clear and smooth. Dr. Doris Chiang carries out her virtual piano lessons through three different platforms: Zoom, FaceTime, and Skype. Whichever one is the best for you, she can easily accommodate. As long as you know which one of these works properly with your internet connection, you should be good to go for your long-distance piano lessons.

Laptop or Mobile Device

Now that you have a good internet connection, you will need to have a device on which you can actually carry out the lessons. This can be pretty easy. After all, you can use your own phone. However, it’s probably better that you don’t use your phone if possible.  What’s a better option? Probably a laptop or tablet. Why? Well, for one, these screens are larger, which means that you can pay closer attention to the details this way. A larger screen allows you to more comfortably sit up in your usual position because you don’t have to squint or hold your phone up to your eyes. While it’s not like this is vital for the lessons, it definitely helps the process. Don’t worry, though! If it comes to that, you can still use your phone for the classes. 

Passion and Dedication (and a Piano)

Of course, you will need passion and dedication whether you are doing in-person or virtual piano lessons, but you will find that it might take a bit more effort to carry out your piano classes online. After all, online classes do tend to require a bit more effort on the part of the student. It might be harder to concentrate or to follow up on some stuff. This makes sense, it’s perfectly understandable. However, as long as the student grounds themselves on their passion and interest for the craft, they should be able to get through this hurdle. It’s not super easy, but it is definitely doable. Lastly, of course, you will need to have a piano. If not, what are you going to use to learn? But that goes without saying.

Virtual Piano Lessons

Through her virtual piano lessons in Fullerton, Dr. Doris Chiang continues to spread the joys and gratification of piano playing, even given the current situation. For more information on her piano lessons, give her a call at (562) 537-7548 or fill out the contact form on her website.