Knowing the Difference Between Jazz and Classical Piano

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Many students of Doris Chiang wonder if there’s a difference between jazz and classical piano lessons in Anaheim. They want to know if these two styles are even different. Let’s take a look at their differences in this post. 

Jazz and Classical Piano Lessons in Anaheim 

Doris Chiang teaches her students different piano styles. But the two most popular are jazz and classical. Students can highly benefit from them. These styles will teach you how to understand the names and locations of the keys, as well as comprehend the major and minor scales. Doris Chiang will cover the piano fundamentals that are ideal for jazz and classical styles. She believes that knowledge is power. The more you know about the piano, the more you find it interesting. 

Key Differences

Although classical and jazz piano have similarities, there are differences between these two styles. For classical music, it’s more focused on the repertoire exactly as a composer wanted you to do. However, there are abridged versions to make the piece more suitable for beginners. But the main goal of a classic piano piece is to perform it accurately and precisely. 

Jazz piano, on the other hand, is focused on improvisation. That is, it focuses on the performance of the pianists and not on the precision. The repertoire is based on chord progressions, melodies, and rhythms. 

In other words, if you wish to play Symphony No.9 in D Minor, you need to play it the way Ludwig van Beethoven wanted you to play it. While jazz piano learning is more about the fun of playing the music.

Which Style Can Help You Learn the Piano Faster? 

The only fastest way to learn the piano is to practice every day. It doesn’t matter whether you play jazz or classical music. You just need to put more effort into learning. For instance, you can devote two hours of piano lessons five days per week for three months. It can be overwhelming but it will pay off eventually. 

piano lessons in Anaheim


Things to Do to Learn the Piano Faster

Besides practicing every day, it’s also important that you have a teacher supervising the lesson. Without a teacher, you may make a bad habit that can become difficult to fix. You’ll carry the bad habit throughout your music career. But with a piano teacher, the instructor will notice the error and tell you right away to correct it. 

You should also play the pieces that you want to learn. It can be classic, jazz, blues, or contemporary classical. You just have to tell Doris Chiang what you want to play so you’ll be more inspired to practice every day. 

Learning to play the piano can be extremely challenging. It’s especially true if you’re learning without a teacher. That’s why it’s important to attend one of the lessons of Doris Chiang to assist you in your quest. 

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