The Right Age To Learn Piano With Doris Chiang

The Right Age To Learn Piano With Doris Chiang

Studying music helps in the development of hand-eye coordination and intelligence. As to the right age to learn  piano with Doris Chiang, there is no age that is right for all kids. Some children started at three years old. However, it is rare.
The Right Age To Learn Piano With Doris Chiang
Kids who began learning the piano as late as 11 can still become an excellent pianist. Even when teens who wish to pursue a music career and piano as a major, they can still get tons of benefits.

In other words, if you want to learn, no matter how old you are, you can still pl(562) 537-7548ay the piano and enjoy it.

Is It A Disadvantage If You Started Late?

Some students of Doris Chiang started learning the piano at age 13. And all of them are doing great.

In South Africa, learning an instrument, like the piano, is a privilege. Many students start their formal lessons in their teens. But they are now playing superbly in concerts.

Doris Chiang would always tell her students that, as long as they love playing the piano, developing their skills would be effortless. As long as they enjoy doing it, they would succeed.

But Is It Too Early?

You might have found some videos on YouTube about three-year-olds playing complex pieces of Mozart, Chopin, and Beethoven, among others. However, it is vital to remember that a three-year-old who likes to press the piano keys must not be trained right away.

Kids who are under the age of five might not respond to an adult learning structure. That is even though they love to explore the piano keys. At this age, the kid’s attention might not be to the piano. Thus, the teacher’s time will be wasted.

However, if the kid’s interest in music is high, you should consider bringing him to Doris Chiang. She will assess whether or not your child is ready for a piano lesson.

To develop your child’s interest, make sure to cultivate his interest in music.

The best time to commence piano lessons is different for every kid. However, most kids are ready when they are five or 10 years old.

One of the things to consider in the child’s readiness to start learning is the size of his hand.

If your child can put his five fingers on the adjacent white keys, then he might be ready for a lesson.

In other words, your child’s hands must be long enough to be comfortable while pressing the keys.

Then again, there are kids with smaller hands can still play harder pieces.

In that case, the most important aspect of finding out whether or not your child is ready for a piano lesson is his interest and desire to learn.

The motivation must come from your kid and not from you. In that way, he can overcome any difficulties related to learning the piano.

Start Your Piano Lessons

Doris Chiang accepts kids, no matter what their age is, to her piano lessons. You may inquire about her lessons by calling 562-537-7548.