Piano Teacher In Newport Beach Can Help Improve Your Finger Dexterity

Piano Teacher In Newport Beach Can Help Improve Your Finger Dexterity

Improving dexterity in your hands and fingers can give positive effects on your ability to play the piano. Doris Chiang, a well-known piano teacher in Newport Beach, explains to her students how to boost their hand and finger flexibility.
Piano Teacher In Newport Beach Can Help Improve Your Finger Dexterity
She uses different techniques, like stretching exercises. You can perform these exercises while you are in front of the piano or away from it.

Flexor Stretching

In here, you need to place your elbow on a table. Your hand has to point up. Then, slowly pull and hold every finger to your wrist for 30 seconds. It gives the finger a proper stretch.

This exercise is also great before you play as it warms up your fingers and loosens your muscles.

Relax Knuckles

You need to strengthen your every finger. To do so, you must spread your fingers on a flat surface. Then, push them down gently. As you allow your knuckles to bend naturally, you need to relax your hand muscles.

The contractions and expansions happening here will allow small tears in the muscle tissue that can be useful when playing the piano. The small tears can strengthen those muscles over time. As a result, they become more flexible.

Practice Scales

Scales are vital in improving hand dexterity. They are boring. However, scales can help you in learning key signature as you develop your finger strength.

As your piano skills progress, you can start playing minor and major, as well as chromatic scales. You should also practice arpeggios to further boost your dexterity.

Strengthen Your Weaker Finger

Typically, the thumb is the strongest among the five fingers. The little finger is oftentimes the weakest.

But you need your fifth finger when playing the piano. That’s why it is vital that you strengthen it to maintain consistency.

When strengthening your weaker finger, you must practice playing scales and you must use all your fingers. Or you can play alternating notes using your little finger and the thumb.

Do You Need Big Hands To Have Dexterity?

Contrary to what other people think, you don’t need huge hands to play the piano and improve your dexterity.

There are certain piano pieces that require large hands. However, some people with small hands could play them beautifully.

Fortunately, most of the composers wrote their music that could be played by most players’ hands. Generally, if you can stretch an octave, your hands are big enough to play any piano music.

In fact, some students of the piano teacher in Newport Beach have tiny hands. But they could play Liszt rhapsodies brilliantly.

When playing the piano, it is all about the desire to learn. Doris Chiang, who is a well-revered piano instructor in Newport Beach, will teach you various techniques on how to play the piano well. And yes, even though you have tiny hands.

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