Can You Practice Piano Lessons in Costa Mesa Using a Keyboard?

It is fine to use a keyboard when you are still starting to take piano lessons in Costa Mesa. An electric keyboard may be sufficient for learning.

However, you must remember that not all keyboards are the same. If you are taking lessons with your keyboard, you may ask your piano teacher if it would work.


Opt for 88 Keys

A piano comes with 88 keys. However, some keyboards can only have 44, 76 or 88 keys. If you cannot purchase a piano yet, make sure that you buy a full-size keyboard with 88 keys. Keep in mind that most of the music will be in the center of the keyboard.

Apart from a full-size keyboard, you also need a keyboard with weighted keys. The weight is vital as it allows you to have control over what you play a note loud or soft. Most pianists work with the weight to let them write a beautiful sound.

There are keyboards with weighted keys to replicate the feel of a real piano. However, some keyboards have poorly done replication.

When To Consider Having A Real Piano?

Keyboards are fine, as mentioned earlier. However, you will need a real piano for your piano lessons eventually. That is after you get past the beginner pieces, it is time to invest in a real piano.

However, you need to remember that not all pianos are created equal. A grand piano has many advantages over upright pianos. If you cannot afford to purchase a grand piano, you can go to any piano stores and inquire about their piano rental programs.

Even if you have a piano at home or planning to rent a used instrument, it is best that the instrument is in tune and the keys are in working order.

No matter how great the piano is, if it is in poor condition, it will not help you with your piano lessons. In fact, it will only result in frustration. Worse, it may hinder your progress as a beginning student.

Professional Piano Teacher In Costa Mesa

Apart from having a piano for your piano lessons, it is also ideal that you learn how to play the piano from a professional piano teacher in Costa Mesa.

It is true that you can grab piano lessons online. But you cannot progress in music without the guidance of a piano teacher.

You can play a few notes properly. But you will never advance into piano playing professionally.

You need the assistance of a professional piano teacher to teach you proper piano lessons.

Learn At Your Own Pace

Doris Chiang is one of the most popular piano teachers in Costa Mesa because of her unique piano lessons. Doris teaches her students piano and allows them to learn at their own pace.

But she will be there to make sure that you are learning properly. She will assist you in developing your piano skills so you can advance as a musician.

To find out how you can enroll in her piano lessons in Costa Mesa, call her studio today at 562-537-7548