Skip the Computer Lessons and Get a Real Piano Teacher in Buena Park

Skip the Computer Lessons and Get a Real Piano Teacher in Buena Park

Technology can certainly be a wonderful thing for all of us. The advances made in the last twenty years have made many aspects of our lives much easier than in the past, and we have great capability with just the click of a computer mouse or touch of a button on our smartphones. As great as all of this innovation can be for us, there are still situations where you can benefit more from having real human interaction than interaction with a computer screen, app or computer program. One example of this rests with piano lessons. You will do much better as a student learning the piano with a real piano teacher in Buena Park than you will if you just use online lessons or a computer program.

Lessons to Meet Your Skills

When you use computer software or an online program as the only means of learning to play the piano, you may be putting yourself at a disadvantage. The programs in use are capable of teaching you many things; however, the programs do not make immediate adjustments or consider your skill set when you start or as you progress. Many students that already have a piano background may find the programs too simplistic or slow to meet their skills. Students just starting out that pick up on things quickly may get frustrated with the slow pace as well and turn away from the lessons.

A Teacher to Interact With

When you work with a piano teacher in Buena Park like me, Dr. Doris Chiang, you will have a person to interact with during your lessons. I can customize your lessons and learning to fit your particular skill set and change things up along the way to fit your changing wants and needs as a student. I have vast experience as a piano instructor and can provide you with the feedback you need most as a student so you know where you are doing well and what areas and nuances you may need to work on to help you improve your skills.

Sign Up for Lessons

If you are ready to take the next step and want to start learning to play the piano or want to hone the skills you already have, I am the piano teacher in Buena Park that can help you. Give me, Dr. Doris Chiang, a call at 562-537-7548 to arrange for your initial evaluation and lesson so you can see what it is like to work with an experienced, fun instructor that will help give you the direction you need to see your piano playing reach the heights that you want.