Live Piano Lessons in Orange County are Better than Any Book

a piano teacher in Santa Ana

No matter what hobby or interests you have in your personal life, you always want to make sure that you get the most out of the experience, enjoy it thoroughly and learn along the way. This is the case whether you knit, paint or play an instrument. Many people today, both young and old, have a great desire to learn to play an instrument like the piano but may have a hard time finding the time to fit it into their hectic schedules. People of today seem to thrive on taking shortcuts to learning, and this can have its downside for you. You can get much more out of the live piano lessons in Orange County that I, Dr. Doris Chiang, can offer you than you will out of any book our online program you try.

Books and Online Have Their Place

Learning about the piano through books and online courses certainly has its place. You can learn some of the basic principles, and it can give you a place to turn to for practice. As supplemental tools to lessons, they may be very helpful to you. However, they may not make the ideal replacement for the experience you can get from a lesson in person with an experienced instructor. Books and programs will not have the ability to see the nuances in your playing that can be fine tuned in the same way that a teacher can.

A Better Experience with Lessons

Going for piano lessons in Orange County can benefit you in several ways. You get the opportunity to work with an experienced pianist like myself. This allows you to learn from my experience and to have a critical ear there to listen to your playing and explain things to you. You also get the encouragement you may need while you are learning to play so that you can see the improvements in your playing and gain the confidence from the work you have put in, making you enjoy the experience even more.

Discover the Joys of Playing

When you come to see me, Dr. Doris Chiang, for piano lessons in Orange County, you will get the opportunity to discover the true joys and fun that playing the piano can bring into your life. Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting, you can give me a call at 562-537-7548 to arrange an appointment so that we can meet, talk about your playing and discuss what private lessons can do to enhance and enrich your love of the piano.