Piano Teacher in Brea Answers “What’s The Fastest Way to Learn Piano?”

Brea, California is known for its public art programs, its regional parks, and other highlights. Many of its residents are music lovers too. Most parents who live in this suburb in Orange County want their kids to learn the piano by attending the piano lessons of Doris Chiang, a renowned piano teacher in Brea. Many of Doris’ students are wondering about the fastest way to learn this musical instrument. There’s no definite answer here since mastering this instrument will depend on how motivated you are to learn. 

piano teacher in Brea

Piano Teacher in Brea Requires 30 Minutes of Your Time to Learn 

If you wish to learn how to play the piano faster, then you need to practice every day. Doris requires her students to practice for at least thirty minutes. The longer you do it, though, the better the outcome will be. Longer lessons may also help you learn the piano fast. This will help the students to fully absorb the lessons so they can practice for the next session. At home, you should go for at least thirty minutes. If you have extra time, go for one hour. During your piano lessons, Doris will analyze how you play and try some strategies to help you play faster. 

However, don’t get frustrated if at first, your hands won’t coordinate. It’s typical for beginners. But as you practice longer, you will find that your hands can play different keys. How long to play will also depend on your personal makeup. That is, if you are musically inclined, then you are likely to learn it faster than those who aren’t into music. Doris Chiang will give you an estimate of how long you need to play so you can completely play that piece. 

Regarding the basics, you can learn them in less than six weeks. Doris will design your program in a way that you know how to approach the various skills in piano rhythm, touch, and reading. It’s also possible that Doris will introduce you to some skills gradually so you can fully grasp each concept. There are various advantages to this slow system. However, some students simply want to go faster when it comes to learning the piano. 

Regular Piano Classes 

Attending Doris’s piano lessons can be of great help if you wish to advance your piano skills. The schedules are flexible and you will be able to learn at your own pace. She also offers online classes, in case you can’t attend her class in person. At first, though, you must not try doing everything at once. It means that you must not try many musical pieces at once. Just stick to one piece and master it. Once you have mastered it, you can move on to a new piece. 

You should also practice in small chunks. It’s especially true if the piece you are practicing is challenging. That said, try practicing one measure without mistakes until it becomes easy for you to play it. Learning how to play the piano can be challenging without a piano teacher in Brea. To know more about Doris Chiang’s piano lessons, please contact (562) 537-7548.