Piano Teacher in Orange County Explains the Pros of Music Vs Sports

Piano Teacher in Orange County Explains the Pros of Music Vs Sports

Parents may face a conundrum as to whether or not they would enroll their kids in sports or music lessons with a world-renowned piano teacher in Orange County. Both options have their own  pros and cons.Joining sports can offer tons of benefits as they teach kids a sense of camaraderie and fun. They also learn how to throw, catch and run.Music lessons, on the other hand, can deliver a variety of benefits. They will learn cooperation,coordination and develop active listening, among others.During music classes, kids will think creatively, thereby, enhancing their imagination. They can apply their enhanced imagination when facing a difficult decision later in their lives. Music will help them think outside of the box. But it is also the same with sports.
Piano Teacher in Orange County Explains the Pros of Music Vs Sports

Increase Intelligence

In several studies, researchers found that music lessons can help in increasing kids’ intelligence . Researchers discovered that there was a slight increase in the IQ of kids who enrolled in piano lessons.What is more interesting is that kids who took music lessons when they were still one year old showed an increase in their intelligence.

Develop Physical Skills

Piano lessons are not a type of sports. However, the activities in learning the piano can still help your kids develop their physical skills. Playing the piano requires coordination with eyes, arms, and ears. They must work in unison. And the piano teacher in Orange County will teach you on how to do it.Furthermore, playing this musical instrument can assist them with timing that allows kids to prepare for their other hobbies, like dancing and sports.

Be Social

You might wonder how piano lessons of the well-known piano teacher in Orange County can boost the social skills of a child. Of course, you would want your kids to join sports if you wish to improve their social skills.However, piano lessons actually encourage interaction and communication with their peers. Piano lessons in Orange County require that learners team up with one another. It is the same way in the sporting community. Furthermore, your kids will learn how to accept constructive criticism.

Needs Discipline

To learn discipline, you might think of sports. But piano lessons also train your kids some discipline, an important skill they require to face the cruel world later on in their lives.When they play, your kids will learn to listen to their piano teacher. Then, if they joined a music group, they will know how to listen to other members of the group before it is their time to play.This, alone, can teach them patience and respect, as well as a discipline because they need to sit still and become attentive.Piano lessons and sports are beneficial. They are both fun. But which is better?It depends on your child’s interest. Doris Chiang, a world-renowned piano teacher in Orange County, recommends allowing your kids to decide. If your child wishes to learn piano lessons and
be like Chopin, call Doris today to know more about her lessons: 562-537-7548.