Piano Teacher in Cerritos Offering a Different Kind of Online Piano Lessons

piano teacher in Cerritos

Online piano lessons may sometimes leave students enervated. Students may also lose their purpose. Doris Chiang, a well-known piano teacher in Cerritos, chose her online piano lessons to be positive. She also ensures that her teaching strategy is engaging and purposeful. Having conducted several online piano lessons allows Doris to pick up various teaching ideas that she uses to teach her students. 

Piano Teacher in Cerritos Avoids Spending More Time on One Task 

Doris understands that her students’ attention span is short. They want variety. For that reason, Doris doesn’t want her students to spend five minutes on just one piece of music. Her students will feel bored. In that case, Doris lets her students play several pieces and mix them up with various activities. To make her online piano lessons more fun, Doris allows her students to note read or do clapping rhythms. 

Play Games 

Games can help in the learning process. It’s especially true for kids. There are different games that Doris’s students can play. And most games get tons of smiles and laughter. And after each lesson, they are motivated to learn further and finish the piano piece that Doris has assigned to them. That’s the beauty of a game. They encourage students to learn, which makes it easier for them to progress. 

Knowing the Songs that the Students Love 

It can be any song. But piano students would prefer the most popular songs today. They may also choose songs from the latest Disney film or Hollywood movie. However, some students may also wish to play Beethoven’s pieces, like Moonlight Sonata. It’s another way to make online piano lessons fun. 

Allow Students to Set Their Goals 

Setting goals is vital when learning the piano. This will help students focus on their goals. Having targets can help them feel they have a purpose. It will help them feel more motivated. Learning without a goal won’t help students to improve. No matter how difficult their goals are, they are still useful so students can focus on what they need to learn. Goals will guide the student’s decision on where to focus their effort. This will also help Doris in evaluating the things her students care most about. However, no matter how effective the strategy of Doris Chiang is, it’s still pertinent that her students want to learn and they’re not forced to learn. For that reason, if you’re a parent and you’re just forcing your kids to learn how to play the piano, your children’s progress may not be quick. You have to allow your kids to choose what they want. Forcing them won’t make them master piano players. 

Introduce Online Piano Lessons to your Kids 

If you wish your kids to learn to play the piano, you may want to introduce the online piano lessons of our piano teacher in Cerritos. Let them attend short sessions first and see how they react. Please call Doris today to know more about her lessons: (562) 537-7548.