Piano Teacher in Brea Will Teach You Some Mood-Lifting Pieces

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Doris Chiang is aware that some of her students face difficulty keeping their motivation during the pandemic. That’s why the piano teacher in Brea keeps her online lessons light-hearted. It will help her students be engaged. But how can it be resolved?

Piano Teacher in Brea Choose Mood-Lifting Pieces for Her Students 

There are many mood-lifting pieces that students can play. But Doris Chiang picks those pieces that have familiar melodies. Piano students don’t want their minds to be further boggled. For that reason, Doris wants them to play well-known melodies as they are easier to play. Her students love them. The reason for this is that they love the feeling of playing a piece that they are familiar with. These pieces are motivating. They can help in developing their sight-reading skills. Since they are familiar with the piece, they know if they have played it properly. Students would want to play songs that are currently famous. Each time they finish the piece, they are so pleased with themselves. They love the thrill when they play a famous piece that they enjoy or have heard. It’s a wonderful feeling every time they experience those eureka moments. 

Boost their Confidence 

Piano pieces that work well with the students’ current level can be motivating. However, students need to move on to a more difficult piece. There’s no harm in allowing students to stay studying those familiar pieces. However, in some cases, a complete change of strategy is required. Depending on the playing skills of the students, Doris Chiang will choose another set of pieces so that her students will progress vertically and not just horizontally. This will help them boost their confidence so they become a more confident musician. If they are now confident in their skills, they can start building a repertoire. 

Opting for Musically Satisfying Pieces 

All mood-lifting pieces that Doris Chiang teaches are musically satisfying to listen to or play. Even if the students are just starting in their piano lessons, simple pieces will help them sound and feel good. Faber Piano Adventures PreTime and PlayTime are great pieces. They sound impressive. They are also easy to learn. But students can still learn those advanced pieces that have plenty of challenges and interesting sound. 

Students’ Choice

Although Doris chooses the pieces that her students can learn, her students can still opt for their own repertoire. When students pick their own pieces, they are more motivated to learn. However, even though they’re familiar with the songs, they still require the guidance of Doris to help them choose a more suitable arrangement. Then again, Doris still encourages them to choose a challenging piece to improve their sight-reading skills. Students can start learning one piece every week. And find another piece for next week’s session. 

Online Piano Lessons with Doris Chiang

Learning how to play the piano is easier if you are comfortable with the piano pieces provided by your piano teacher in Brea. If you wish to start learning your online piano lessons, please call (562) 537-7548.