Piano Teacher in Fountain Valley: Tips to Practice Piano for Online Piano Lessons

piano teacher in Fountain Valley

One of the advantages of the online piano lessons of our piano teacher in Fountain Valley is that you can attend the lessons without leaving your home. Plus, you get instant feedback so you can learn more efficiently. In this post, let’s find out how you can practice to ace your online piano lessons. 

Piano Teacher in Fountain Valley Suggests Setting Goals 

Without goals, you won’t know whether or not you have improved. That’s why it’s vital to set goals for your piano lessons. But your goals should be both long-term and short-term. Once you have set your goals, you need to create a solid plan that will help you achieve those goals. For instance, if you’re trying to learn one of Beethoven’s piano pieces, you need to know what you must do to make it happen. Should you practice every day for one hour a day?

Create a Routine 

It’s easy to attend piano lessons online. But the hardest part is finding the time to practice the piano. Even if you have found the time to practice, it’s still difficult to stay committed to your busy schedule. To stay invested, you need to include piano practice as part of your day. That is, you need to add it to your schedule the same way you would list your daily activities. Allot an optimal time for your piano practice. For instance, if you feel that you’re mentally alert in the morning, then consider practicing the piano in the morning. You may also schedule your piano practice in the evening as part of winding down. No matter what time of day you practice, you should find the time that works for you best. 

Avoid Distractions 

When you’re practicing, you need to absorb the music. That’s why you must practice the piano without distractions. You must focus on your playing to help you progress quickly. One way to focus is to turn off any electronic device. While you practice playing, don’t check on your smartphone and read your social media feed. Instead, focus your energy to accomplish your piano goals. 

Listen to the Music Actively 

Many of us have the habit of listening to music while we’re engaged in other activities. That’s passive listening. But if you want to improve your piano playing, you need to be an active listener, which requires all of your attention. It means that as you listen to the music you wish to master, you need to listen to it actively. Thus, don’t clean your house while listening to it. Close your eyes so you can focus on the sound. Imagine what your hands are doing to make the sound happen. Active listening will also help you study the music. You can study the score as it makes a huge difference in how you practice. It can save time in the long run. 

Practice Slowly 

It’s the most important tip. Always remember that when it comes to practicing playing the piano, the magic typically happens in slow practice. If you find it difficult to learn, talk to our piano teacher in Fountain Valley that offers online piano lessons:  (562) 537-7548.