Piano Teacher in Anaheim Tips to Prepare Students for Online Piano Lessons

piano teacher in Anaheim

Many daily activities now are happening online, including piano lessons of Doris Chiang. As a known innovative, award-winning piano teacher in Anaheim, Doris wants to make sure that her students are having a great time while learning the piano. Doris’s online piano lessons have been going on for almost a year now. And her students are enjoying every lesson. They’re more confident with their skills after every session. If you’re still starting and wish to enroll in her lessons, you may wonder what things you can prepare before embarking on this journey. 

piano teacher in Anaheim

Piano Teacher in Anaheim Recommends Investing in Decent Internet Connection 

You can have the best camera and mic but if your Internet connection is weak, then your lessons online will be significantly affected. In addition to a strong Internet connection, you must set up your camera, computer, and mic in a way that Doris can see you. Make sure that she can also see your keyboard or piano while you’re playing. In this way, she’ll know whether or not you’re using the right fingers in playing the piece. Also, choose a good seat that will ensure you’re using the right-hand positioning on the keys. You should also dress up comfortably the same way you would when you attend a piano lesson in Doris’ studio in Anaheim. 

Should You Invest in a Piano or a Keyboard? 

The piano is more expensive than a keyboard. If you can’t afford to purchase a piano yet, then having a keyboard may suffice. A keyboard may give you options that let you set up easily when you’re having online lessons with Doris. If you’re not sure how to set up your keyboard for online lessons, you may ask Doris about it. Also, you need to inform Doris whether you’re using a piano or a keyboard. You must also ensure that the room where you stay while attending the lesson is as quiet as possible. Avoid any distractions. If you have pets, don’t allow them to get in that room for a certain time. Pets can be fun but not while you’re attending an online piano lesson with Doris. You need to focus on your lesson. Keep in mind that each session has a time limit. It depends on the lesson you enrolled in. It’s also ideal that you have water on standby. You may get thirsty during the lesson. Keep in mind that dehydration can greatly affect your ability to play a piece. 

Practice for an Hour or So 

After every online lesson, you need to practice the piece that Doris has taught you. This will help you remember all things and master the piece in no time. To help you improve your piano skills, you must practice every day. Dedicate at least an hour of your time every day just for practice. The more you practice, the faster you will hone your piano skills. 

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