Piano Teacher in La Habra Offers Online Piano Lessons That Prevent Boredom

piano teacher in La Habra

Having a piano teacher in La Habra can help you play the piano well. Even during the pandemic, you can still learn the piano by attending her online piano lessons. However, if you continue to push and strive, it may lead to burnout. You may also develop a negative mindset. Thus, Doris Chiang recommends her students not to rush into things when learning the piano. 


piano teacher in La HabraWhen Students of the Piano Teacher in La Habra Finds Any Piece to be Difficult 

It’s a common problem among piano students. They may find things challenging. As a result, they are not motivated. Hence, Doris won’t move to the level. Instead, she’ll go back and find out if her students missed the essentials. When going back, Doris will focus on the rhythm, bass notes, or melody line. This will help online students in mastering the basics. As a result, they’ll feel empowered. They’ll also realize that their goals are reachable. 



Another issue that many students face is boredom. They get easily bored when Doris will ask them to play an easy piece during their virtual lessons. To fix it, Doris will teach them to embellish things. For instance, her students can change their left hand or add chord tones using their right hand while the left does the difficult chord pattern. Other students want to be challenged because they see themselves as a concert pianist. Doris Chiang has several students who are too keen to achieve something great. Doris will empower them. However, she’ll be careful in providing challenges to this type of student. The reason for this is that they might rush through learning. Keep in mind that learning the basics is vital in learning any piano piece. Students must practice enough to make a challenging piece become easy to play. 


Allowing Them to Learn the Music They Love 

Doris understands that if she forces her students to practice, they’ll feel that practicing playing the piano is a chore. The beauty of Doris’s online piano lessons is that students can play anything. If you enroll in Doris’s virtual piano lessons in La Habra, you can ask Doris to help you play the kind of music you prefer. In that case, you can play classical music or 80s ballads. Once you master a song, you have to move on. You may be tempted to play it over and over for many hours. But to avoid boredom, you must keep things fresh by trying a new piece. When Doris thinks that you’re getting bored, she’ll give you another piece to try on. This will help you vary your style and tech so you can expand your music. You should also set a milestone for yourself. For instance, you may wish to master Beethoven for a specific concert on a certain date. If your friend’s birthday is coming, learn about her favorite songs. When setting a goal, you must make it specific. Learning the piano online with the piano teacher in La Habra is fun. However, if you don’t vary your practice, you’ll get fatigued. Thankfully, Doris will be there to help you stay motivated. To sign up for her online piano classes, please call (562) 537-7548