Online Piano Lessons in Santa Ana: How to Prepare Yourself?

piano lessons in santa ana

The pandemic caused a lot of uncertainties in this world. Can you still learn the piano during COVID? The answer is yes. Doris Chiang offers online piano lessons in Santa Ana and nearby cities. 


If you are new to Doris’s piano lessons, you might wonder whether it’ll be effective to learn the piano online. 


Surprisingly, online piano lessons can be as fun, productive, and comforting as traditional piano lessons. 


What Do You Need for Your Online Piano Lessons in Santa Ana

To rock your online piano lesson with Doris Chiang, you must have the right device. 


The number thing you must have is a laptop or a desktop. It’ll be better if you have a computer with a big screen. 


For excellent sound and visual quality, you may have to invest in decent microphones and headphones. It’s also useful if you have a Bluetooth speaker to play songs. 


When you start your piano lesson with Doris, make sure that you’re in a quiet room. 


However, if you’re in a loud room, your mic will still pick the sound in your room and transfer it to Doris’. 


You must also avoid setting up your device near fans. They can produce noise and disrupt your lesson. You might not hear what Doris is saying. 


If you can’t hear Doris, make sure to mute your sound. 


Delay is an issue that you may encounter if you have slow Internet. 


During your online piano lesson, make sure to be closer to the router. You should also restart your device as it may also cause a delay. 


If you have pets at home, make sure that you don’t allow them to disturb you during your session. Put them in a different spot so you can focus on the lesson.

piano lessons in Santa Ana

Why Piano Students in Santa Ana Choose Doris’ Online Piano Lessons? 

Simple. They know the quality of teaching that Doris offers. She’s not only an amazing musician but she’s also a marvelous teacher. 


Keep in mind that not all wonderful musicians can be an incredible teacher. Many parents hired excellent musicians but they were let down because they were not considerable teachers to their kids. 


When you hire Doris, you and your kids will be delighted by her personality and attitude. Doris wants her students to learn the piano no matter what their expertise is. 


Doris Chiang has handled students of various levels. She has taught adults and kids. 


She knows how to keep her students engaged and challenged. That’s why her students are committed to her piano lessons. 


They also look forward to the next music lesson with Doris. 


During the first piano lesson, Doris will provide goals for your kid to work towards. Goals are vital so your kid can reach his/her full potential. 


Even though the piano lessons are online, Doris will track the progress of her students. And if her students request to learn a certain song, she will help them out. This is one way to help her students reach their performance goals. 


To know more about the online piano lessons in Santa Ana, please contact Doris at (562) 537-7548.