Piano Teacher Fountain Valley for 5-Year Olds

Piano Teacher Fountain Valley

When you were five years old, what did you do? Some of you were busy playing a certain sport; while others had already started their piano lessons. Our piano teacher in Fountain Valley, Doris Chiang, has been teaching kids as young as five years old.

Piano Teacher in Fountain Valley for Kids

Some parents would ask about the right age to start piano lessons. But the right age can vary from one child to another.

One of the things to know whether or not your child is ready to take piano lessons is when he can already tie his shoes. Generally, a five-year-old kid can succeed in learning the piano.

Piano Teacher Fountain Valley

Doris Chiang’s lessons will be customized. That is, they will depend on the age of the person. For a five-year-old, the lesson can be fun and entertaining.

At this age, your child can start pre-reading songs. Doris will teach him about finger numbers. Through fun games, your kid can build his finger strength gradually.

As he learns to separate each finger from the other will assist him in building confidence at the piano.

The lessons will start by identifying notes and patterns. Doris will teach notes by telling the students the patterns of black keys.

Then, she will introduce one note at a time. But this will be done slowly so that her students can easily catch up.

The stick rhythm may also be applied whenever necessary. It is a vital tool especially in teaching young students. This technique that utilizes words for every rhythm.

Improvisation is also vital for young students. Students are encouraged to improvise to play only with white keys or black keys.

Can They Compose Music

As early as five, kids can already compose music. Doris encourages her young students to begin by utilizing two notes. Then, the students will write the pattern.

Will Doris Conduct an Interview Before Accepting a Student

Yes, she does. This interview is her way to get to know her students. It is also the time where the student and the teacher will build rapport.

The student may undergo a readiness test. Furthermore, the student may also play at least two pieces, i.e. if he has previous piano lessons. However, the interview does not mean that Doris will reject the student based on his level of expertise.

Doris wants to teach all people to play the piano. And she does not want to reject anyone. However, if she thinks that the student is not ready yet to learn, she may advise the parents of the student to come a year after. She may also recommend some activities to boost the interest of the student to start learning the piano.

If you choose to enroll your child in one of Doris’ piano lessons, then you are making the right choice. Doris is one of the multi-awarded piano teachers in the US. She has been teaching for many years now and most of her students are now playing internationally.

Talk to our piano teacher in Fountain Valley today to know more about her piano lessons: (562) 537-7548.