Piano Teacher Newport Beach Teaching Reluctant Piano Student

Doris Chiang, a multi-awarded piano teacher in Newport Beach, teaches piano to individuals of all ages. And yes, even to a reluctant piano student. This type of student simply does not want to be there. One of the major reasons for this is that the student is forced to take the lessons because of his parents.

The Reluctant Piano Student of Piano Teacher in Newport Beach 

Many piano teachers all over the world have that one student. It is not pleasant or productive to force someone who does not want to learn. In some cases, there is no way to kick him out of the studio.

But Doris always finds a way to make him interested. She will find a connection because she knows that rapport can help that student in finding his way to liking the piano lessons.

Piano Teacher Newport Beach

Finding a connection to this type of student can mean chatting with him while you are teaching him piano. As she digs, she will spot at least one point of connection.

Once Doris finds the connection, she can start bridging the gap between the lesson and the music. If that person loves horse-riding, for instance, Doris can relate her piano techniques to the techniques used in riding a horse.

At the minimum, Doris will show how she cares about the student. It makes all the difference. And this is true no matter what the student’s age is.

Relevant Music

When teaching piano, Doris will typically make the music relevant to the student. In that way, the student will be more eager to learn.

And this is why she will ask her students what music they like. If they like hip hop, Doris may integrate hip hop music to the lessons.

It will not be forever that way. However, the piano teacher somehow finds it effective. Teaching the student piano lessons using the music that he loves will pave way for other music genres in the long run.


Doris is one of those piano teachers that you meet who is convivial. She makes her piano lessons fun and exciting.

Her students would want to come back again and again to finish the course. In other words, her piano lessons are not the same old, same old lessons.

What is the Cost of Piano Lessons

Doris charges her students either per month or per hour. Depending on the number of days you will want to attend her lessons, you can choose from $160 per month to $280 a month. You may also opt for $80 an hour. You may also arrange with her about the extended hour discount. She may also offer a talent-based scholarship.

If you are interested in her piano lessons, make sure to download her piano studio policy to know more about how you can use those lessons. Then, you may download her piano student enrollment form to start filling it out and submit it when done.

Learning piano lessons through the piano teacher in Newport Beach can be rewarding. Start your lessons today by calling us at (562) 537-7548.