The Piano Teacher in Yorba Linda Will Help You Get Better at Playing the Piano

piano teacher in Yorba Linda

Music has been shown to provide many health benefits. And playing the piano is said to boost fine motor skills while it improves dexterity. If you have been learning to play this musical instrument through an app, you can hone your skills better by attending the online classes of our piano teacher in Yorba LindaIndeed, you can learn how to play the piano through any app. But it’s not the same when you have a piano teacher. 

Piano Teacher in Yorba Linda Can Improve Your Piano Technique 

Fingering is an important skill when it comes to playing the piano. It lets you play fluidly. Doris Chiang, a renowned piano teacher in Yorba Linda, will teach you techniques on the best fingering. The best pianists know how to play the entire passage without the need to move their hands in an uncomfortable way. Keep in mind that uncomfortable playing can easily break up melodic phrasing. Doris Chiang will teach you how to work on your fingering. She will give you techniques to develop the right fingering with scalar passages. You will learn more about them through various exercises that Doris will give you. When you have a piano teacher, you will learn the scales properly. By attending her piano lessons, you will know every scale and where each sharp and flat is placed so you can play music in various keys. You will also learn the basic rhythmic pulse. It’s a taxing element for many students. You may use a metronome. But you will learn better when you have a piano teacher who will coach and encourage you to learn how to keep time properly. Doris Chiang has many methods you can apply so you can play quicker. She has ways to help you grasp this multitasking element in piano playing. Learning how to play both hands at the same time must be done carefully. You can also practice your articulations with Doris Chiang. They can tell you the proper way to play a note. The articulation will tell you whether the note is to be played short and detaches or with more emphasis. With Doris Chiang’s online lessons, you can practice playing passages of music with various articulations. In most cases, Doris will teach you how to play Beethoven’s music as it uses various articulations. But, as a beginning student, you will start the easier pieces. 


How to Enroll in Piano Lessons of Doris Chiang? 

With the ongoing pandemic, Doris will only hold her classes online. You can sign up for her virtual lessons through Zoom, Facetime, or Skype. Nothing will stop you from learning how to play the piano properly even if COVID-19 is still here. 


Why Choose Doris Chiang? 

You can’t find a better piano teacher than Doris Chiang. She will let you enjoy learning how to play it, rather than make the learning a struggle, especially for beginners. To find out more about the lessons of the piano teacher in Yorba Linda, please contact (562) 537-7548.