Piano classes Orange County by Doris Chiang

Learning piano can be a rewarding experience for both the teenager and the young, and many adults who wish that they could play the piano later on in life. Having a good teacher can mean the difference between success and failure, and it is through the support of good and professional teachers that many students have gone from minor musical talents into great pianists and composers. There is no deep secret to learning to play the piano, but a professional tutor can help you to reveal talents that had been suppressed for many years.

Educating the young

Many people learn to play the piano as young children. In the past, parents would encourage their offspring to learn an instrument in order to be able to provide entertainment during the evening. Before the advent of TV and radio, there was very little that a child could do inside the home, and so learning a musical skill helped to keep them out of mischief, and entertained their parents. The desire to have children taught a musical skill that there are many children being taught Piano classes in Orange County by Doris Chiang and tutors with similar skills to hers.

Teaching via Skype

Not all students can manage to travel to the Doris Chiang Piano Studio for each lesson, and so Doris also offers an online version of her lessons. Children need to show off their hands, and the keyboard, during the session, rather than the face, and they also need to have reasonable internet access in order to maintain seamless communication in order to provide an uninterrupted lesson.

Reasons to use Diana Chiang

She is a Master of Music in Performance of the Piano, and is a Member of the Music Teachers Association of California. Her students have also been high-achievers, including a winner of that association’s Scholarship Award, an Honor Recital performer, and another received Outstanding Recognition in the Certificate of Merit. Other students have been prize winners at the Southwestern Youth Music Festival, and they have been Winners at both branch and Regional sections of the Bach Festival. This shows that she is able to offer a range of skills and experience, and also that she is able to offer her students a lasting achievement, one which will stay with them through college applications, or when they are listing hobbies and achievements on a CV.