Best Piano Classes Orange County

Dr. Doris Chiang offers the best piano classes in Orange County for students of all ages. It doesn’t matter what your level of experience is as she can teach anyone, from beginners to advanced students.

Dr. Chiang provides her students the kind of attention that they need to help them develop a strong foundation in their techniques and the ease of playing. These two elements are the building blocks of having a virtuoso-keyboard technique.

She can help you develop and master your auxiliary skills, like sight-reading and ear-training so you can finally have a comprehensive skills set to enable you to play the kind of music of your choice.

Piano Lessons

Dr. Doris Chiang offers all types of piano lessons. You can have classical or jazz lesson. Do you want to be a pop pianist? Dr. Chiang can help you out.

She also has some students who want to learn piano just for fun. Dr. Chiang offers a variety of piano lessons that match the type of lesson that works best with a particular age or interest, as well as ability.

Each lesson has a length of up to 60 minutes. Dr. Chiang is fully committed to helping you learn how to play this beautiful instrument. Thus, she expects you to arrive on time.

She also offers Skype lessons for those who can’t come to her studio in Orange County. However, you’ll need to have strong, stable Internet connection to make sure that the Skype piano lesson will go smoothly.

Am I Too Old to Start Learning the Piano?

Dr. Chiang believes that there’s no age limit when learning the piano. If you don’t know how to read the notes, she’ll teach you the basics first. In this way, you’ll have clearer understanding about the piano, its keys and the music.

She has 21 years of experience in teaching piano lessons for complete beginners and advanced students. For her students, they consider her as the most patient piano teacher offering the best piano classes in Orange County.

You need a patient and understanding teacher so you can learn well and make progress. With Dr. Chiang, you can learn the piano that way you’ve always wanted to.

The Cost

Dr. Chiang’s piano classes are affordable yet they’re of high-quality. She’s not only skilled but she also motivates her students to learn more and play more to make a great progress in their piano playing ability.

To inquire about the best piano classes in Orange County by Dr. Doris Chiang, please call: 562-537-7548