Where to Find Lively and Engaging Virtual Piano Lessons in Cerritos?

Playing the piano in Cerritos makes you sexy. Yes, if you know how to play this musical instrument, you’ll come across as an attractive person. There’s something sexy about the person playing the piano. But can you still learn it knowing that there’s still an ongoing pandemic? The answer is yes with the help of online piano lessons in Cerritos


However, when you get the hang of your piano lessons, you’ll get bored and you may announce to your teacher that you’re quitting. 


But before you quit, you must first understand why you want to stop your music lessons. 


Boredom During Virtual Piano Lessons in Cerritos 

An online piano lesson can be a boring activity. And Doris Chiang is aware of it. 


That’s why she makes her online piano lessons lively and engaging. This will prevent her students from getting tired. 


She won’t make the piano lesson feel like a chore. It’s one reason the shortest lesson will only last for 30 minutes. 


Then, it doesn’t happen every day. In that case, you will have time to practice on your own. 


Doris also gives you assignments that you can do at home to hone your piano skills. But these assignments won’t be a burden to you. 


However, if the lesson is exciting and engaging but you’re still bored, you should look for ways to motivate yourself. You may need an external motivator to help you accomplish your goals. 


Remember that learning the piano is a long-term investment. It also involves delayed gratification. If you’re the type of student who needs an external push, then you’ll get easily bored. 


If Doris will notice it, she’ll find ways to motivate you. She may set up practice challenges that can help motivate you more. 


It’s also easy to lose motivation because learning piano is a long-term investment. In that case, you won’t see your progress each day. You’ll feel discouraged. If you are, make sure to talk to Doris about it. 


She can give you music lessons to work on. On her end, she’ll find a new method to help you out so you can see and experience your progress. And if you see it, you’ll be more than willing to complete every lesson. 


To make her online music lessons invigorating and engaging, Doris will break down each piece into manageable parts. 


You must not expect that you will learn new each week. That’s why learning in bite-sized pieces will help you focus on small parts and avoid boredom. 

Online Piano Lessons in Cerritos

Be Consistent 

When you practice at home, you must be consistent. You should put in the time to move forward. Regular practice is the key to avoid feeling frustrated. 


Doris knows that it’s also her responsibility to nurture her students through their piano lessons. That’s why she makes every lesson engaging. In that way, her students will be excited for the next lesson, instead of feeling frustrated. 


If you want to start learning piano but you don’t want to get bored, contact us today to know more about Doris’s online piano lessons in Cerritos: (562) 537-7548