Are You Paying for the Right Piano Lessons in Brea?

Are You Paying for the Right Piano Lessons in Brea

Whether you are looking for lessons for your child or are interested in learning to play yourself, you want to take the time to investigate piano lessons and the options available to you today. Unlike twenty or thirty years ago when your choices may have been somewhat limited, there are many different directions you can turn today for lessons. There are online sources, books you can get and teachers you can go to for lessons. You want to think about what you want to get out of the lessons before you decide on a particular method to pay for. If you are taking piano lessons in Brea and feel like you are not getting enough out of the experience so far, it may be time for you to look for a different source for your lessons.

Think about the Future

While it may be difficult for you to envision it at this time, when you are taking piano lessons or first signing up for them for you or your child, you want to consider where you think the future path is for your playing or your child’s playing. Do you see yourself still working with this particular teacher or method months or years down the road as your playing improves? Can you continually learn new things from this type of instruction? Are you getting enough out of the lessons where you feel you are improving and growing as a pianist? All of these questions are things you want to consider so you can decide if this is the right path.

The Right Place to Turn

I can tell you that as a highly experienced pianist and piano teacher myself, I think it is important that you can see, hear and feel the benefits you are getting from each lesson you take. I make it a point to work closely with each of my students and customize a lesson plan that suits their abilities and needs as a student, so they get the most from the experience. Online courses and books offer you limitations in the lessons they provide and some teachers are very rigid in their methods. My goal is to help you have fun and enjoy the piano with each of the piano lessons in Brea I provide for you.

Where You Can Go

If you are unsure about the piano lessons in Brea you have tried so far, take the time to contact me, Dr. Doris Chiang, so we can talk about how lessons with me can bring back the joy and interest that you first showed in learning to play. You can contact me by calling 562-537-7548 so we can set up a meeting to talk about you, your experiences and how lessons with me can bring you the confidence and joy in playing that you are missing.