Empowering Kids: How Can Kids Benefit from Piano Lessons?

piano lessons in Fullerton

Music allows kids many opportunities for self-expression. It’s an empowering force. Kids are often the most eager participants in any musical show. But why should kids attend piano lessons in Fullerton? Are the lessons worthy of their parent’s time and money? 

Key Ways Piano Lessons in Fullerton Can Benefit Kids 

Aid Kids in Feeling Good

Many kids have low self-esteem. As a result, it becomes harder for them to interact with their peers. It also limits their social lives. One way to effectively boost their self-confidence is to let them attend piano lessons. Musical training is said to boost empathy and self-esteem. It also makes them easier to make new friends and keep them.

According to this post, “When we try to synch with others musically—keeping the beat or harmonizing, for example—we tend to feel positive social feelings towards those with whom we’re synchronizing, even if that person is not visible to us or not in the same room.” 

Helps Kids in Handling Difficult Emotions 

Kids can’t easily handle fear, anger, and sadness. They are tough emotions and kids have a hard time processing them. That’s because their brains are still developing. Unlike healthy adults, kids don’t have resilience yet. But when they undergo instrument training, like learning the piano, some parts of their brain linked to emotional regulation go through rapid maturation. This helps kids in managing their anxiety. 

Improves Test Scores 

Reading books isn’t the only way for your kids to improve their report cards. Learning music could also improve their score on standardized tests. However, the result will not be instant. Just because your kid attends a piano lesson today, his/her test score will improve immediately. It can take time for this benefit to be experienced.

Depends on the Teacher 

Although piano lessons are undoubtedly beneficial for kids and adults, it still depends on the piano teacher. Some pianists are lackluster teachers. Others make incredible teachers. Thus, even though a piano teacher is not a well-known artist in the world, the teacher can still help your kids develop their talent and benefit from piano lessons. 

piano lessons in Fullerton

Why Hire Doris Chiang? 

Doris Chiang is a well-known piano teacher in Fullerton. She offers recitals, which are goals that can help her students in reaching their full potential. She has her own effective method of tracking her students’ weekly practice. Accountability is vital for learning. And Dori ensures that every assignment is being carried out by her students. Furthermore, Doris allows her studies to learn to play the songs they love. Thus, if her students like Taylor Swift or Beyonce, she lets them play their favorite tunes. 

Attending piano lessons in Fullerton with Doris offers rewards and challenges that are useful for kids and adults. If you have doubts about whether Doris is the best teacher for your kids or yourself, make sure to contact her at (562) 537-7548