Keeping Online Piano Lessons in Buena Park Light-Hearted

Piano Lessons in Buena Park

Online piano lessons in Buena Park can be fun. However, with all the things going on because of the pandemic, everything around may seem boring, including your piano lessons. That’s why Doris Chiang uses a lot of techniques to ensure that her students will never get bored. One technique she employs is including mood-lifting pieces in her students’ online piano lessons. 

Piano Lessons in Buena Park

What Mood-Lifting Piano Pieces to Try During Online Piano Lessons in Buena Park

Doris Chiang loves to incorporate well-known melodies in her piano lessons. If students are familiar with the melodies, students are more likely to play and practice the pieces. Well-known songs are exciting to them. They can help in developing their sight-reading skills. It’ll be easier for them to decode a piece properly. They are more thrilled to finish practicing because they’ve heard the song or melody before. However, students can’t go on playing only the melodies they are familiar with. That’s why Doris adds a more difficult repertoire. A complete change of song is sometimes needed to tickle a part of their brain that’s responsible for piano learning. After playing a familiar song and moving on to a more difficult piece, their progress will be faster. They will also be more confident as a musician. Plus, it’ll help in building a repertoire. 

Choosing a Piece That’s Satisfying to the Ears 

When Doris finds a piano piece to teach to her students, she’ll ensure that it’s musically pleasing. In that way, her students can play and listen to it easily. The piece can have a simple arrangement but it has to sound and feel good, at the same time. This will help students to be more motivated to play and listen to the piece. But playing advanced pieces may also be necessary. It’s especially true if they’re musically rich. With advanced pieces, students will be more challenged as they hear those interesting sounds. 

Students Can Choose a Piece 

Doris also allows her students to choose a piano piece that they want to play and practice. The good thing about choosing their piece is that her students will choose something that makes sure it will lift their mood. If they do choose a piece, it’ll motivate them to learn more and improve. They are more driven to wake up in the morning, practice the piece for an hour or so. Some students may choose a piece that Doris may not have heard before. It’ll be a challenge for Doris, making the lesson more interesting. Doris and her students can collaborate well because the students choose their pieces. But they must not stick to just one piece. They have to move on to another song or melody to broaden their skills. 

Lifting Your Mood with Online Piano Lessons

Choosing a mood-lifting piece will allow students to escape from their real-world temporarily while they’re playing the song or melody. This sort of musical piece will encourage them to practice more. If you’re looking to enroll in online piano lessons in Buena Park that aren’t boring, then make sure to call: (562) 537-7548.