Accessible Piano Lessons in Irvine Bridge the Social Distance Gap

Piano lessons in irvine

The ongoing pandemic has definitely been separating us in many ways but, at the same time, it has brought us closer to others. In-person plans, for example, have been very limited, but you’re surely calling more people than you were before. Through online channels of communication, a lot of us have been brought closer during these distant times. Dr. Doris Chiang, a renowned piano teacher in the area, for example, has transferred her piano lessons in Irvine to the online landscape during this time. This way, she can continue to teach her students without putting anyone involved at risk. Her efficient and comfortable approach to piano lessons has allowed her students to continue their learning journeys.

piano lessons in irvine

Maintaining the Habit

A very important component of piano lessons is always discipline. After all, developing the necessary skills requires a lot of practice, dedication, and concentration. In order to exercise all these important components, one needs discipline, and discipline, in turn, will help you hone all those skills. It’s all cyclical, which is what makes the process so fun and rewarding. However, it can be easy to slip out of this habit after a while of not practicing. This is why it’s so important to maintain practice and habits, even when the circumstances change. Missing out on lessons and practice sessions for extended periods of time can be detrimental to someone’s sense of self-discipline. Dr. Chiang knew it was necessary to adapt her lessons in order to maintain her students’ habits through this quarantine.

A Sense of Stability and Structure

Everyone has been struggling to find some sense of stability through this situation. It’s definitely been hard on most of us, but kids are probably having quite a difficult time themselves. They can’t see their friends, their classes are online, and they don’t get to leave the house that often. This means that the most structure they can maintain throughout all this, the better. This isn’t easy, of course, given just how many aspects of their everyday life have changed. In the interest of keeping them engaged with their piano education, Dr. Doris Chiang established her platform for online piano lessons in Irvine. However, this doesn’t just help those who were already her students prior to the quarantine. New students are encouraged to pick up this new skill now and to, therefore, bring a new consistent activity to their lives.

Online Piano Lessons in Irvine

Dr. Doris Chiang is an accomplished pianist and an experienced instructor. She has been deeply involved with music institutions across Southern California and her students have gone on to win several prizes and recognitions for their merit. She currently provides piano lessons in Irvine for people of all ages, helping them earn the necessary skills and gain constructive knowledge that will encourage them to keep practicing beyond each lesson. Through her virtual piano lessons, Doris Chiang now aims to continue to spread the joys and gratification of piano playing, even given the current global situation. For more information on her piano lessons, give her a call at (562) 537-7548 or fill out the contact form on her website.