Can Returning Pianists Take Advantage of Piano Lessons?

Piano Lessons in Fountain Valley

If you’re a returning pianist, you know the basics of piano playing. But you haven’t practiced or played for a few years. You can take advantage of piano lessons in Fountain Valley to refresh your mind and skills. 

Relearning Piano with Piano Lessons in Fountain Valley

Playing the piano requires constant practice. And even if you know the fundamentals of it, you still need to play this musical instrument regularly. However, if you have not played for many years, you may notice that your skill, dexterity, and strength are lost. Thankfully, you can return to your previous form. 

Start Slowly 

Piano lessons are there to guide you back to your excellent form. You may be tempted to play for a few hours every day just to get back to your piano-playing days. However, you need to give yourself time to remember your skills. And your piano teacher will teach you how to build strength and regain your flexibility. 

When you work with a teacher to help you relearn, you will realize that over-practice can only cause pain and frustration. As a result, you’ll quit again. That’s why you need some guidance from a renowned teacher who’ll help you restore your brain-finger connection. 

Practice Again 

Besides enrolling in piano lessons, it’s also vital that you commit to everyday practice. This will help in restoring your ability to play the piano. You can start at 20 minutes for a few days and increase it later on. 

Keeping an Eye on Posture 

Hand posture is vital when playing the piano. This will ensure that every finger performs evenly. Don’t overstretch to reach octaves. Keep in mind that you have not gained back your flexibility. 

Why Hire a Piano Teacher? 

You can relearn how to play the piano on your own. But having a teacher to monitor your progress is still the best way to do it. The teacher will make the piano lessons more enjoyable so you will remain practicing and not quit. 

The teacher may teach you the basics again. However, it depends on your level. Since you have not played for so long, you might have forgotten how to read chords or scales. This will be taught again so you’ll remember.

Piano Lessons in Fountain Valley

Play Real Music

It may be easier for you to remember how to play this musical instrument again. Once you get to that level, you can play real pieces of music. You can choose to play Frederic Chopin’s Etudes or the Piano Handbook by Carl Humphries. 

You might have learned how to play the piano before. But since you’re still relearning it, you should avoid playing the more difficult pieces. In this way, you can avoid the frustration that will stop you from playing again. 

Remember that playing the piano should be a fun journey. Don’t compare yourself to others. This time, you should follow the piano lessons in Fountain Valley and don’t stop playing. For more information about our lessons, make sure to give us a call at (562) 537-7548.