Piano Teacher Near Huntington Beach

Are you looking for a piano teacher near Huntington Beach? You’re in luck as Dr. Doris Chiang offers piano lessons for residents in this area.

Piano is a songwriter’s best friend. It’s also an excellent first musical instrument. With Dr. Chiang, you can play all 88 keys or fewer than that if you like keyboard. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re into rock anthems or pop music; Dr. Chiang has piano lessons based on your music preference.

The Approach of Dr. Chiang

As the best piano teacher near Huntington Beach, Dr. Chiang focuses on your personal goals. That is, she’ll base her piano lesson according to your level of experience. She doesn’t just choose one style of learning. Instead, she believes that there are different approaches to be implemented for different students.

She encourages her students to set up their musical goals. Dr. Chiang believes that knowing your goals can give you a preview of the big picture to help you keep moving forward while you look forward.

Who is Dr. Doris Chiang?

Dr. Chiang is a soloist and chamber pianist. She frequently plays at Richard Nixon Library and branch events of MTAC. She received, with high academic honors, her Doctoral of Musical Arts in University of Southern California.

She has many great achievements. For 21 years, she’s been teaching beginners and advanced students. To continue learning, she rigorously trains as a piano teacher near Huntington Beach. She also plays frequently in many events on a regular basis. For her, teaching students how to play the piano isn’t a kind of learn-it and leave-it career. Instead, it’s an evolving field. Hence, she’s committed to stay current in her piano lessons.


Dr. Chiang is a successful piano teacher and has been teaching piano to all ages for more than two decades. She finds it rewarding to see her music students flourishing and growing as musicians. That’s the most important thing for her. It’s not about the money she receives for teaching these students but it’s about the progress and the success that her students make.

She also believes that students should learn the rudiments of piano and music so they can have a good foundation. To make sure that her piano lessons are never boring, she includes some fun and creative stuff throughout the lessons.

For more information about the best piano teacher near Huntington Beach, please call Dr. Doris Chiang directly at: 562-537-7548