When Your Child Wants Piano Lessons in Orange County

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Your child has shown an interest in playing the piano for a while now. They are always trying to get at the piano in your home, and perhaps they have even been able to pick up some of the basic skills needed to start learning about playing. You want to do all you can to foster and maintain their interest, especially if they seem to enjoy playing a great deal. Now may be the time for you to learn more about getting proper lessons for your child. When your child wants the piano lessons in Orange County, you want to make sure you take the right avenue to give them the best instruction possible.


Dedication and Following Lessons

Before you even start lessons for your child, you want to make sure they are dedicated to learning playing and can follow the instructions lessons will provide for them. It can be easy for children, especially at a young age, to get easily distracted from what they set out doing, and if they are going to quickly lose interest investing in lessons may not be the best for you at this time. Make sure they are willing to dedicate their time to practice what they learn in lessons and will stick with it.

Finding a Teacher for Piano Lessons in Orange County

Your next step in getting piano lessons in Orange County is to find an instructor that can work well with your child. You want to look for an instructor that has experience working with children, and with children at all skill levels. Take the time to contact a few teachers, discuss what you are looking for over the phone, and see if you can arrange for an initial meeting so your child can meet the teacher and see if they mesh well together.

Piano Lessons in Orange County for Your Child

When you are seeking piano lessons in Orange County for your child, please consider contacting me, Dr. Doris Chiang, to work with your child. I have many years of experience both as a professional pianist and as a piano instructor, and I can make the learning process both fun and successful for your child. Contact me at 562-537-7548, so we can speak and arrange for a meeting so we can get together and start working on furthering your child’s love of the piano.