The Best Piano Teacher in Rowland Heights

When your kids play piano, you want the best piano teacher in Rowland Heights . Dr. Doris Chiang has been teaching for several years. She has a truly incredible resume that covers a wide number of accomplishments. Better still, she’s an accomplished teacher. Through the cumulative sum of these qualifications, she can make your child a better piano player who is even better equipped for life.
The Best Piano Teacher in Rowland Heights

An Experienced Piano Teacher in Rowland Heights

With over twenty five years of experience in private teaching, this piano teacher in Rowland Heights has been doing it for a long period of time. On top of that, she’s a member of the Music Teachers’ Association of California as well as a former MTAC Orange County President. To list all of her accomplishments and qualifications would go on for many, many pages. All of that experience and triumph goes into every lesson she provides.

Helping Students Develop Habits

The habits children develop in their youth are the ones they’ll carry with them into adulthood. The best piano teacher in Rowland Heights has helped so many students to develop good piano playing habits which translate to good study habits (and more) in life. A child who learns the proper techniques for postures, fingertips, how to observe music as well as signs is ready for anything life throws at them. Learning how to develop good habits is learning how to succeed in life.

Children Respond to Trust

Over the years, the best piano teachers have seen many students come and go. The ones that last are the ones that the parents truly invest in their learning. That “investing” may be financial, but the investment may also be the parent simply taking a strong interest in their kids’ education. A child that sees a parent making the bare effort will do likewise. A child that sees a parent trying their best will respond in kind.

Teaching Love of Music

Not every child wants to begin playing piano because they plan on becoming a professional pianist. Most simply have heard some great music and want to make their own. Dr. Doris Chiang knows how to nurture that love. By helping the student to develop that, the student will learn how to build skills around the things they love. This will serve them in any walk of life.

Learning Memorization

One of the most important skills that the best piano teacher in Rowland Heights can teach is how to memorize while working. For even the smartest people, or the most musically gifted, the brain can only work on one thing at any given time. A piano teacher can help the student to learn how to memorize a little bit at a time, so they can memorize everything eventually.

The Right Environment

Dr. Doris Chiang’s Piano Studio is a safe and fun environment that allows creativity and love of music to flourish. To get your child started on the lessons that will change their life, call the best piano teacher in Rowland Heights at 562-537-7548.